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GasNinjas joins the on-demand economy in Miami

GasninjaHate pumping gas?

GasNinjas delivers fuel right to your car, wherever you are. "Studies show that cars are parked for over 95 percent of their lives, so why do we have to deal with the mundane task of filling up our tanks during that 5 percent of the time when we actually drive them? It takes time out of our day - usually when you're already running late," said Brandon Timinsky, CEO and co-founder. "We're trying to train a new consumer behavior."

GasNinjas, which recently launched in Miami, is now offering free delivery while you sleep and users pay the same price as the pump in their area, he said. With GasNinjas, you can request a fill with the tap of a finger, but if your tank locks automatically just remember to pop your gas flap before locking your car so they can securely fill your tank while you're away.  You can either get gas within as little as one hour, for $5, or request a free fill-up overnight so you can wake up to a full tank of gas. 

"Most of our beta users were very excited when we first approached them to sign up, but a few were skeptical," said founder Barret Hammond. "At first, one might think on-demand fuel delivery might seem unnecessary, but customers get hooked once they start using the service because they realize what an inconvenience going to the gas station really is."

Head to GasNinjas.com, check out its video, and never pump gas again.

- Submitted by Brandon Timinsky of @GasNinjas