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AT&T Aspire opens applications for ed-tech accelerator

For-profit and non-profit organizations focused on social impact can apply; relocation not required.

AT&T is looking for local companies working on a product or service that uses technology to support students’ educational and career success.

The company announced it has opened the application process for its AT&T Aspire Accelerator program. The program works with organizations that use technology to help students succeed, strengthen schools and communities, or prepare learners for employment.

Potential areas of focus include mobile applications that drive education outcomes; platforms for teachers, students and/or parents; learning and curriculum management tools; assessment and outcome tracking platforms; and increased access for existing best practices.

Solutions for students at-risk of dropping out of school will receive special consideration.

Aspire Accelerator is part of AT&T’s $350 million commitment to empower students to reach their full potential.

The customized 6-month program includes:

* Aspire Investment – $100,000 AT&T investment and an additional $25,000 for each venture to cover costs of the program. For non-profit companies, the investment will be a general contribution. They receive this in exchange for participating in the Aspire Accelerator and meeting certain requirements, including submitting impact measurements.

* Mentorship – Access to AT&T and external mentors from education and technology.

* National Platform – Inclusion in the broader AT&T Aspire initiative, which is committed to driving innovation in education.

* Flexible Location – Organizations can participate from where they are, without relocating.

Both non-profits and for-profit companies of any size are eligible to apply at aspireaccelerator.fluidreview.com.

Applications will be accepted through February 5. The Aspire Accelerator program will begin in May.

-submitted by AT&T