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Anybody feel a little let down after L Word opener?

Don't pull a Shane and pitch yourself into the sea quite yet. Episode One was about tying up loose ends and affording another cameo to Joyce Wishnia's uterus dart board thing. Episode Two is much more fun. And it seems to only improve from there.

But first old business.

Bette didn't skip off to Mexico with Baby Angelica. Tina didn't have Bette's ass thrown in jail for kidnapping. Child Services didn't swoop in because Bette went on the road with Baby A and no sippy cup. (Wait, was meditation-and-yoga freak Bette feeding her one-year-old fries?)

And Tina and her lawyer never clued in that Wishnia, having been Tina's divorce lawyer a couple of seasons ago when TiBette broke up, was in all kinds of conflict representing Bette in the child custody thing.

But, whatever, it's just a TV show. Just keep reminding yourself of that, it will be of much use later on.

Saw the first episode at Bongos with a crowd of girls. By far the biggest applause went to Marina, who sauntered into The Planet just to f*ck with Jenny's head. As if Jenny's head needed the encouragement.

Well, wait. Maybe the biggest applause actually went to the HRC video  before the show that offered a quick clip of Carmen telling her mom in Spanish: "Shane es mi novia. Yo soy lesbiana.'' Or something like that.

Then again, it was a mostly Spanish-speaking crowd at Bongos. And that means too many girls who would never do like Carmen and tell their moms what time it is.

Come on girls, let Carmen lead you to your own out-and-proud moment at home. Repeat after her, "XX es mi novia. Yo so lesbiana.''

Speaking of Carmen. Hello? Shane leaves her at the altar last season, runs back into the arms of a coked out Cherie Jaffe, then takes Cherie's car and swerves all the way to Carmen's house, where a hoodie boy cousin of Carmen's knocks Shane to the ground and runs her off. Great. But where the hell was Carmen? Was she in the house telling her mom, "Shane no es mi novia...''

Or was she still back in Whistler, walking around like a zombie, a wrinkled wedding dress under her ski jacket?  Seriously, did they write Carmen off the show without a single word of explanation about what happened to her after she got kicked to the curb?


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i actually liked the opener, but then i've been told i am an l word apologist...but there were many high points...jenny's book got dissed in a review...alice has her sense of humor in tact...and alice and helena have a good mojo going there. their scenes were fun. and the close up of alice's lips while she was talking on the microphone was perhaps the sexiest moment of the evening...well, except for marina...BRING BACK MARINA...

but man, that opening shot of shane and her ribs underwater was disturbing ...shit, someone feed that woman.

Lydia Martin

Alice. Lips. Microphone. Much sexier than the caviar and creme fraiche business. But Jenny and her girlfriend, aka French Jenny, are basically skank times two. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just not my thing.

If you dug the first eppy, you'll be even happier next Sunday.


i LOVED that HRC preview.genius to bring together the issues and the show that way. Bongos was fun and I loved how the crowd couldn't hear a thing but hooted and hollered when the threesome started but tisked tisked when jenny was over it. i can't believe french jenny stayed for the hookup when her chick was over it. those french traitors. speaking of which, yeah, bette feeding angelica freedom fries was lame.


what happened to carmen? Will she ever be back ILOVE HER!!!! but seriously will she come back?


I’d like to address this whole lust for Shane.
Why are women going so crazy over her?
She’s a mess. That girl sends off more red flags than a bunch of matadors chased by a pissed off bull.
Lets face it, I’m Latina and I like my women with some meat on them bones.
Carmen, mi sista, what were you thinking? There is no Latin mother that would let Shane leave the dinner table with out seconds. She is too flaca, has no mameyes, and lives with a constant fear of commitment. Ladies is this really what you want?
Here comes Papi, the queen of circles, over confident, loaded with extras, and promises a smooth ride. Shane, I really like you, I just feel like I need to feed you. Not to mention comb your hair while you are not looking.


Actually, Carmen said 'Shane es mi novia, y soy la suya' (Shane is my fiancee and I am hers).


To which Carmen's mother replied, 'mejor puta que lesbiana' (better a whore than a lesbian).


semaphore to the USS Nimitz

Well finally. I knew I had missed a lot by not subscribing to Showtime (also I probably should have taken Spanish in HS)

Y don't you write some more stuff for IMDB?

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