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The L Word means never letting go. Even when you're ready to.

Well, you’ve gotta give it to the L Word. It truly is a lesbian show. And not because in the finale we got a steamy and tender TiBette sex scene that to every L word insider felt like a nod to an episode in Season One when Bette emerged from under a different sheet and wiped her mouth just like she did last night.

It’s a lesbian show not because it gives us lesbian sex , but because the show itself acts like a lesbian. Here we are six years in and fed up, ready to say good riddance to the series that, yes, turned us on, even connected us with new friends, lovers and communities, but ultimately made us insane with its astounding lack of cohesiveness. Why won’t it allow us to make a clean break? The damn thing is supposed to be over. We were supposed to start moving on.

But you heard Ilene Chaiken last night in that self-congratulatory but sweet pre-L special. She doesn’t think the L Word is over. We were so ready to break up with her and her show, but she just isn’t taking no for an answer. She’s gunning for that spin-off about Alice in chains. Or in prison or whatever. She’d also like to do an L Word movie that would catch up with the gang a little later, a la Sex and the City. Even if she can’t get either of those projects done, she’s left us with a maddening Who Shot J.S.? scenario that forces us to watch these new webisodes on Sho.com, the Interrogation Tapes. Supposedly we’ll learn the answers to burning questions like, how did Shane’s business burn down and who stole the film negative. Wait, don’t we already know who stole the damn thing?

The real question is, will we ever come close to knowing who the f*ck killed Jenny? Or, did she just pitch herself off Bette and Tina’s new second-story terrace in a moment of clarity about how hateful and annoying she was? What we do know is that Alice may come back if Showtime picks up the spin-off. And she’ll be in the slammer. But did she actually do it? Everybody had a motive to do Jenny in. But are any of these glamour dykes really killers? I’d be pissed about the loose ending, but does it really matter who killed Jenny when it simply never made any sense all season, and still didn’t after the finale, that any of these characters would kill anybody? I mean, when did this show stop ripping off Sex and the City and start ripping off Desperate Housewives?

Anyway, finally, the L Word was on the verge of cutting us loose after six dysfunctional seasons. And in the end, it decides to string us along a little longer! For the sake of sucking us in to future projects, no doubt. But Chaiken didn’t have to be so manipulative. We would have tuned into her next project, even if she had given us a decent ending last night.

Hell, we stayed even when the show got so bad at the end there that we cursed it and cursed it and then fell into lesbian bed death with it. It didn’t turn us on anymore, but we were just unable to leave it. And I still say you’ve gotta give it up to Ilene for that. The show really was a first for us. It really did mean so much to so many lesbians around the world who were seeing themselves reflected in the first mainstream TV show to focus on lesbian lives. Finally, at least during its six-year run, we were no longer invisible.

Let’s also give Ilene credit for giving us a happy surprise at the end. We were sure the finale was going to blow, but it actually was pretty good . Shane and Alice having that sleepover and connecting like two friends who go way back and really know each other? Brilliant. Some points to the way that threesome thing was addressed, with Alice having some balls and everybody dealing with the truth. We never expected anything half lucid to come out of that, did we? As for Helena and Dylan, I’m totally OK with them breaking up. Dylan is obviously still a lying ho. And even if we can forgive her for playing Helena with that Niki surveillance camera thing, and then playing her worse by acting all shocked and crushed when Jenny spilled the supposed beans about it all, I’m thinking anybody who puts a knife to my throat, even if just for fun and games, is somebody who needs to go.

And cheers to Bette and Tina and their “ultimately triumphant love story,’’ even if it takes them to New York. But are they gonna end up with Max’s baby? Never mind. Some things are better left unknown.

I just know that I’m going to miss the L Word, even if I enjoyed bashing it. I’m gonna miss JB and her arms and, well, everything about her. Like the starring role her ass played when she was on that ladder in the gallery recently. Come to think of it, I’m really gonna miss Helena, too.

We knew the finale wasn’t going to tie everything up neatly and satisfyingly. I mean, hello, it’s the L Word. But, now what? Is it over or not? Oh well, might as well stay with it. Not like there’s a new lesbian show in town to get all worked up about.

One more thing: Let’s give Ilene and company some love for finally getting rid of that screechy theme song. That instrumental rendition at the end, with nobody screaming at us about the way we live and loooove, proves there really is a God.

OK. I need to go and do some heavy processing about this damn show.

More later, I guess. Damn you, Ilene!


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spot on lydia.

i have to admit i teared up a little bit during tina and bette's love scene, actually right after bette said she wanted to marry her and during all the cuts of them sleeping together.

i think it was because during that moment i realized ic was going to give us a happy ending for those two.

i mean not even IC and crew could be that dastardly to give us that scene then break them up 30 minutes later.

and actually, i thot to myself when that jarring, grinding theme song didnt start up in the beginning that maybe just maybe this was going to be a nod to fans finale and not the horror show we had expected.

i really dont care about the interrogation tapes, but i will watch them, im sure. because like you said: i am a lesbian, after all. i dont know nothing bout no clean breakups.


Ohhhhhhhhhh, Lydia, great post!! If this episode had been the end of a Season, that would have worked for me, because it really was better written and directed than most IC's done. Thank the goddess I'm such a Spoiler Ho. Because if I hadn't ripped off every black bra I could find, and scoured all the fan sites for every scrap of info I could find, I'd have gone into last night's finale expecting so much more! Expecting IC to tie up a lot of her dangling "wtfs", out of professional courtesy to that incredible Cast and maybe even as a thank-you to the fan base. 'Loved the 'look back' tribute. It sucked me in all over again!! (And therefore made the finale so much more difficult to take.)I'd love to see a dvd produced of cast interactions over the years and behind-the-scenes stuff. Now THAT's something that would sell. Anyway, thanks for this place to vent and to share. 'Hope you keep it open; there's sooooo much to process!


the starring role JB's ass played...be still my heart. once again, well said lydia. and james got a walk on - yeah! that poor beaten down admin was always a fave of mine and needed more gd lines! i'm likely in the minority but i actually enjoyed the way the finale was edited; giving each actor a chance to speak a bit to where they were coming from all these years. sort of. could it have been better? of course. do i want to watch interrogation tapes online? nope but, i will even if only to put this obsession to rest once and for all. i'm a card carrying lezzie and can't let the debacle known as the l word go peacefully into the night. i'm hoping that you'll be blogging about something just as salacious in the near future. thanks for the memories ;)


can't post whats up


I've never cared who killed Jenny, still don't. It was a dirty job somebody had to do it even if she did herself, finally...

I'm a TiBetter and a hard core Beals fan. I've hung in for 6 treacherous, tormented, excruciating seasons waiting, hoping expectantly for any glimpse, shadow, mention of Bette; any small minuscule sign of renewed love and commitment. I've ranted, railed, screamed and cried for my Bette and her love. It's been tough, difficult, painful but; even though I was discouraged and heart broken many times; I never gave up.

THANK YOU IC for rewarding my tenacity.


I loved the final TiBette love scene, it was awesome, powerful, moved and touched me like no other. Why?? Because you could see the love between these 2, you could see that they actually cherished each other, were comfortable with their love. That marriage proposal teared me up(Seemed to do the same to Jennifer), well no actually I cried like a little girl.

It seemed they could not get close enough to each other. Tina lying on Bette's back(What a beautiful painting that would make), Bette trying to get even closer to Tina. I was touched, yes I am an over the top romantic, so sue me. What a scrumptious ending - I loved it.

Jennifer Beals and Laural Holloman are there words in the English language to describe these 2 together. NO!! Nobody straight, gay, bi, trans, from another planet or another universe can do it better. There's Bette and Tina and off somewhere in the very, very, very far distance is all the rest.

How can you not applaud these 2, how can you not stand in awesome wonder at their talent, skills, commitment, to these characters and yes that legendary "chemistry". Their complete unwillingness, downright defiance, abject refusal to give up on this love story.

They and they alone are the reason today I am a very happy TiBetter. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

AND as if I didn't get more then I ever dreamed possible from IC, oh be still my heart. The very last scene on my tv screen Bette Porter strutting along with our friends, in a beautifully tailored power suit, with that starched white open neck shirt, I almost fainted. No sht!!

Alpha Bette !! It took 5 harsh, ugly seasons but; there she is in all her wonder, as perfect and beautiful as the first scene on the very first day I saw her and got hooked.

IC I forgive you for every bad, scene, bad, ep, bad season, I just don't care.

Happy TiBette, smiling Alpha Bette, forever. It just doesn't get any better.

What did I think of the FINALE - I LOVED IT!!!!!!


Wow! btfan2, you left me speechless and all teared up...Glad that you LOVED it soooo much


Yeah, the Finale was ... ok, and I loved the Tibette scene BUT have you seen Tina's interrogation "webisode"? All I can say is FU IC!!!!!!

Samantha Berlin

I know they found Jenny in the pool but I saw some youtube stuff about Jenny getting shot??? They showed her with blood on her shirt looking like she was shot. ??? Also, I'm pretty sure that entire ending wasn't real. I think it was either Jennys ending to the treatment she stole from Alice or Alices ending to her own treatment. It just makes so much sense. I will def. watch "The Farm" and see the movie if they make one. The show changed my life and I will just keep watching it over and over again from Season 1 if I have to. Haha! I can't let it go. To Jennifer Beals, you...as a person (not just your character)..are my hero. I am so thankful that you took the part. :)


Hey, was wondering if you could possibly get an interview with Laurel Holloman to understand the revelations of the interrogation tapes and her take on it. the confession has totally blown away most Tibetters. I thought it was brilliant acting on part of Laurel though.

Overall, was a bit disappointed with the last episode- as no real closure to any storyline. We don't even know if Bette and Tina end up going to NY finally. Love your column Lydia and beg you to keep writing the L words.. alleast through the interrogation webisodes go on.

Sissee Gardner

I just had a whim to come and say goodbye to you Lydia. I miss our past communications that were so inspiring for me.

After the finale of TLW I really and truly felt it was well done. IC used extreme close ups almost symbolically for those being interrogated, as if we were looking into their heads and the storyline moved right along.

But the more I thought about it, the more I have read of people being let-down by the ending on the message boards, the more overwhelmed I became with what was left out.

None of us have understood IC's preoccupation with Jenny. Oh, I know we are to think of Jenny as the younger IC but somewhere along the way Jenny and IC must surely have separated. It almost seemed that IC thought, Okay, so they all hate Jenny. Well, I'll give them a damn good reason to hate her. And as we know, everyone of the cast turned on her.

Who killed Jenny? I picked up on that unfinished balcony when I saw a preview of Tibette's sex scene. While everyone else was basking in the throes of Tina's orgasm, I paid attention to her murmuring about the railing not being finished. Mmmm, so I figured Jenny would get pushed from the upper deck into the swimming pool. But after it all unfolded, I don't think anyone killed Jenny. I don't even think Jenny killed Jenny. With all that talk about getting sweaters because it was cold outside, (and then they went inside to watch the video), I noticed what Jenny was wearing up there on that balcony where Bette seemed to have left her. She had on a dress with spagetti straps,no sleeves, bare shoulders. Surely she got cold too. So I am thinking she went home to get a sweater and when she came back, her little dog, the Pomeranian, followed her, got under her feet, like those dogs do, she tripped, hit her head on the side of the pool, was knocked out and simply drowned.

For a while I thought she might have done a swan dive off that upper deck and done herself in but I don't think she would have killed herself afterall. She spent so much time on that video that she couldn't wait to get their reactions. She may even have felt they would like her again, that she would be redeemed for doing such an unselfish thing. But in her haste, and with the dog suddenly under her feet, she slipped and fell.

That's how I figured it out in my head and I'm sticking to it. Was Nikki a witness? It would have been cool if she was but from what she said to Shane, she had not been there very long and saw nothing.

Maybe I've created my own ending but that's the way I see it. If there was any blow to her body, it was to the side of her head from the fall. Maybe we'll never know.

I just had to share those thoughts and thought this was a good place. Take care my friend. I hope you are well and happy.



It's funny last season I got back into TLW. I loved season 5 (most of it). I was so gung ho for this season and excited.

But now.. eh.. I could care less. It was crappy season 6, there was no cohesion and I really don't give a fig who killed Jenny. I was looking forward to the possible movie but I don't care about that either. lol. Maybe if there was actual storylines that I cared about I would.

And the Tina interrogation tape? How insidious. I never really gave much thought about how people said IC disliked LuH.. but I think thats a strong possibility. If I had my character sabotaged the way Tina has been.. I wouldn't want to do anything more.


Thanks for a great blog Lydia! And thanks to Ilene and company for all the good stuff. :)

I just want to say I really liked the different take on the theme song at the end.

I'm not watching the interrogation tapes however. When I found out the first one revealed Tina's incestruos relationship with her sister that was the end of that.

I'd rather remember these characters in a positive light.


Well said!

Personally I feel pretty torn. I've been crazy about this show and Bette and Tina in particular for 5 years and I've been driven mad by this show for at least 4 years!

There are two things I'm very clear about...
A) Ilene Chaiken is one hell of a saleswoman and a Drama Queen!
B) She's nowhere near a writer and a storyteller! Period.
She doesn't have a clue about the truth of a character and what it means staying true to it.

The L Word will hold a special place in my little TV heart but all the wasted opportunities are making me sad.



I think Jenny committed suicide, personally. I was vastly annoyed that the finale left so many loose ends, but I guess it shouldn't have surprised me. I'll probably check out The Farm but I don't know if I'll be able to stand watching it--too depressing to think of Alice as a prisoner, whether she did it or not.


Yo! Lydia! what's become of , "...more later"?
We're still in mourning, still experiencing w/drawl, still processing. Pull-ease don't say that this Blog is over!


Hey Dutch I'm with you I check in every couple days to see if we're going to do some serious snarking, moaning, crying or whatever. It just can't be the end!!!

I'm pretty over the L Word but; I sure miss my JB.(But; she gonna be on tv in April - yea)

And compiling a WTF library would be a nice summer project??

mirtha h.rodriguez

solo quiero decir muy poca cosa, no vi la serie: si He leido varias opiniones, creo en el amor si tenemos este en nuestros corazones amamos y no criticamos todo tiene un porque, creo hay otras vidas despues de esta, en esta estamos pagando lo Qué hemos Hecho en las anteriores, tengo mi relijion Hacer el bien sin mirar a quién, y amo a todos trato de hacer lo mejor, hay mucho odio en el mundo, nesecitamos mucho orar, que Dios los vendiga ... Mirtha

Jaylayne Mays

Some of the girls from the L Word are going to be doing some cool new stuff. Elizabeth Keener just finished shooting a new web pilot... and shes making celebrity appearances every so often. I think the L World girls will be giving us all new material.. maybe even better!

Jaylayne Mays

Oh Yeah - heres a new site that just popped up for Keener...

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