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The DA and Beez Stadium?


Regular Total Futbol reader DA, of The DA Show, sent along this little gem out of Rochester.

Apparently, the Rhinos are raffling off the naming rights to their stadium. All it costs: a $1,000 investment into the team, which includes season ticket purchases and advertising. For each grand spent, you get a ticket to the raffle.

The winner will be drawn at random on May 30 at halftime of the Rhinos game, and the name will only be used for the 2009 season.

Important to note: "The Rochester Rhinos and Adirondack Sports Club, LLC reserve the right to refuse and set final approval on name of the stadium."

So, no, "Blues Rule, Rhinos Drool Field" probably wouldn't fly.

Thoughts? It's certainly an innovative way to get fans involved in these challenging economic times. Heck, maybe FIU will give it a shot if the school continues to struggle finding a sponsor for its renovated stadium.