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Spring game: Defense 32, Offense 29 (F)

Hello from Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale where I'll be taking in the Canes' spring game and providing you with live updates and stats when it ends.

Here is a breakdown of the scoring in this game since it is offense versus defense...
Offensive scoring... TD, 6 points; FG, 3 points; XP, 1 point; Crossing the 50-yard line, 1 point.
Defensive scoring... TD, 6 points; 3 and Out, 3 points; Stop before 50, 1 point; Interception, 2 points; Fumble, 2 points.

Starting lineup...
Robert Marve at quarterback, Javarris James and Graig Cooper in the backfield, Khalil Jones, Aladarius Johnson and Leonard Hankerson at receiver; Jason Fox at left tackle, AJ Trump at left guard, Xavier Shannon at center, Joel Figueroa at right guard and Reggie Youngblood at right tackle.
Defense: Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant at cornerback, Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick at safety, Darryl Sharpton, Sean Spence and Glenn Cook at linebacker, Allen Bailey and Adewale Ojomo at end, Antonio Dixon and Joe Joseph at tackle.

FIRST SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Robert Marve pass to Javarris James, incomplete
2-10-35O, Javarris James runs off right tackle for 25 yards at 40-yard line (1 point offense)
1-10-40D, Marve scrambles for five yards before being pushed out of bounds by Sean Spence.
2-5-35D, Marve completes a 8-yard pass to Khalil Jones, who is pushed out of bounds
1-10-27D, Cooper runs off right tackle and down the sideline for a touchdown (6 points offense)
XP, Matt Bosher converts the extra point, Offense 8, Defense 0.

SECOND SERIES... (Jacory Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Jacory Harris pass to Derron Thomas in the flat is dropped
2-10-35O, Thomas carries off left tackle for 2 yards. Thomas is injured on the play. It looks like his right ankle. Face mask on the play. (1 point offense)
1-10-48D, Shawnbrey McNeal takes a pitch to the right and loses six yards. Flag on the play (facemask).
1-10-38D, Harris fumbles the snap, Chaz Washington records the sack for minus four yards.
2-14-42D, Harris throws receiver sceen pass to Kayne Farquharson picks up five yards.
3-9-37D, Harris completes a short pass Chris Zellner for four yards
4-4-33D, Alex Uribe's field goal attempt is blocked by DeMarcus Van Dyke. Offense 9, Defense 0.

THIRD SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O,Cooper runs off the right side and is stopped for a 1-yard gain (Antonio Dixon on the stop).
2-9-36O, Marve's pass to Aldarius Johnson sails wide and incomplete.
3-9-36O, Darryl Sharpton sacks Marve for a 6-yard loss (2 points defense). Offense 9, Defense 3.

FOURTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris completes a quick pass to Kayne Farquharson for a 6-yard gain.
2-4-41O, Lee Chambers carries and loses 1 yard.
3-5-40O, Harris completes a 10-yard pass to Farquharson (1 point offense).
1-10-50O, Chambers carries up the middle for 8 yards. END OF FIRST QUARTER - Offense 10, Defense 2-2-42D, Chambers catches a short screen pass for 1 yard before being blown up by Marcus Forston.
3-1-41D, Spencer Adkins sacks Harris back at 50 for a loss of 9 yards.

FIFTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage by Antonio Dixon for a loss of 1-yard.
2-11-34O, Marve tries to pass the ball over the middle to Khalil Jones, but it is broken up by Glenn Cook.
3-11-34O, Marve completes a 9-yard pass to Khalil Jones (Bruce Johnson on the tackle). 3 points for defense, Offense 10, Defense 6.

SIXTH SERIES... (Cannon Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, False start
1-15-30O, McNeal runs up the middle for five yards (Allen Bailey on the tackle).
2-10-35O, Marcus Forston tackles Cannon Smith for a loss of 6 yards
3-16-29O, Smith throws a middle screen to McNeal, who makes a move up field for 66 yards. (1 point offense). Arthur Brown makes the tackle.
1-G-5, Delay of game
1-G-10, McNeal takes a pitch in the backfield and runs up the middle for 8 yards
2-G-2, McNeal runs left and is stopped for a 2 yard loss.
3-G-4, Tervaris Johnson breaks up a pass in the end zone intended for Farquharson.
4-G-4, Jake Wieclaw makes a 21-yard field goal. Offense 14, Defense 6 (2 minutes, 36 seconds left).

SEVENTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Javarris James drops a pass from Marve. That's James' second dropped pass.
2-10-35O, Marve completes a pass in the flat to James for 9 yards (Chavez Grant tackle).
3-1-44O, Marve completes a short pass to Cooper for a 5-yard gain.
1-10-49O, Sean Spence intercepts a batted ball at the defense's 44 and makes a nice return up field to the offense's 20-yard line (3 points defense for interception and 3 for stopping the offense before the 50). Offense 14, Defense 12.

EIGHTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-50, Harris pass to Dedrick Epps picks up four yards
2-6-46D, Harris pass to Farquharson for 8 yards. Time out, :59 left
1-10-38D, Harris pass to Farquharson is incomplete.
2-10-38D, Offensive holding on Ian Symmonette.
2-20-48D, Harris scrambles for 12 yards
3-8-36D, Harris completes a pass to Chris Zellner for 12 yards
1-10-24D, Ryan Hill drops a deep pass that might have gone for a touchdown.
2-10-24D, Harris' pass to Sam Shields in end zone sails incomplete
3-10-24D, Harris' pass to Leonard Hankerson in end zone is incomplete
4-10-24D, Matt Bosher's 41-yard field goal attempt sails wide right. Offense 15, Defense 12. HALFTIME

NINTH SERIES... (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Lee Chambers runs off the right sice for 3 yards (Randy Phillps tackle)
2-7-38O, Chambers runs right on a pitch for 4 yards (Dixon tackle)
3-3-42O, Smith's pass to Johnson is short and incomplete. Sharpton credited with a sack for a five yard loss (3 point defense). Offense 15, Defense 15.

10TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback vs. Second Team defense)
1-10-35O, Marve completes a short pass to James, who breaks a few tackles for a 21-yard gain. (Offense 1 point)
1-10-44D, Gooper runs up the middle for 3 yards (Steven Wesley tackle)
2-7-41D, Marve's pass to Khalil Jones goes right through his fingers. Damien Berry was getting ready to lay him out
3-7-41D, Marve's pass over the middle goes for 21 yards (Berry on the tackle).
1-10-20D, Offsides
1-5-15D, Cooper runs up the middle for 6 yards (Brown and Tervaris Johnson tackle).
1-G-9D, Marve's pass intended for Farquharson is incomplete
2-G-9D, Marve's short pass to Cooper for 6 yards.
3-G-3D, False start
3-G-8D, Marve's short pass to Cooper gains 1 yard (Spencer Adkins on the tackle).
4-G-7G, Alex Uribe's 24-yard field goal is good (1:56 left). Offense 19, Defense 15.

11TH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback vs. First Team defense)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Chambers takes a pitch left and is tackled for no gain
3-10-35O, Harris' pass to Ryan Hill is complete for a 14-yard gain downfield.
1-10-49O, Chambers runs right for four yards (1 point offense)... END OF QUARTER
2-6-47D, Chambers runs up the middle for 3 yards
3-3-44D, Harris' pass is incomplete (batted by Forston)

12TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper runs left for four yards
2-6-39O, False start
2-11-34O, Cooper runs left for 7 yards (Tervaris Johnson tackle).
3-4-41O, Marve completes a 5-yard pass for five yards
1-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Farquharson, but it is batted away by safety Jojo Nicholas
2-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Khalil Jones, but sails long and wide and incomplete
3-10-46O, Marve scrambles for 10 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-44D, Cooper carries the ball off right tackle for a 44-yard touchdown run. Wieclaw makes the extra point (7 points). Offense 28, Defense 16.

13TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers runs up the middle for 1 yard
2-9-36O, Chambers takes a pitch left and runs for 5 yards
3-4-41O, Smith's pass is batted away and incomplete (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 19.

14TH SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers takes  pitch and runs right for 3 yards
2-7-38O, Marve's pass is batted incomplete by Marcus Forston
3-7-38O, Marve runs left nd slides down at 33 for a 5-yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 22.

15TH SERIES (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Sharpton sacks Harris back at 23. A loss of 12 yards.
3-22-23O, Harris is sacked by Allen Bailey for a 4 yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 25.

16TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Smith's pass to Chambers is overthrown and incomplete
2-10-35O, Chambers runs right for a 6-yard gain (Arthur Brown on the tackle, his eighth of the game).
3-4-41O, Smith's pass to Hankerson is batted in the air and intercepted by Arthur Brown and returned for 11 yards (5 points for defense). Defense 30, Offense 28.

17th SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Marve's pass to Hankerson is behind the receiver and falls incomplete.
2-10-35O, Marve scrambles for 7 yards
3-3-42O, Marve completes a short pass to James for 9 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-49D, Marve's pass toward the end zone is batted up in the air and intercepted by Sean Spence (2 points for defense). END OF SCRIMMAGE

First downs:
19 (Rushing 6, Passing 11, Penalty 2)
Rushing: 38 attempts, 141 total yards
Passing: 20 of 44 for 223 yards, 3 INTs
Total offense: 82 plays, 364 yards, 4.4 avg
Penalties: Offense, 4-25; Defense 3-35
Third down conversions: 9 of 21
Sacks: 5 for 37 yards

Passing: Robert Marve 10 of 22, 93 yards, 2 INTs; Jacory Harris 9 of 17 for 64 yards; Cannon Smith 1 of 5 for 66 yards, 1 INT.
Rushing: Graig Cooper 8 carries, 91 yards, 2 TDs; Lee Chambers 11-36; Javarris James 1-25; Marve 5-11; Shawnbrey McNeal 4-6; Derron Thomas 1-2; Cannon Smith 2-(-12); Harris 5-(-17).
Receiving: McNeal 1-66; James 4-60; Kayne Farquharson 4-29; Chris Zellner 2-16; Khalil Jones 2-16; Ryan Hill 1-14; Cooper 2-12; Gordon 1-5; Epps 1-4; Chambers 1-1.
Defensive statistics: Arthur Brown 6 solo tackles, 2 unassisted, 8 total, 1 INT, 1 pass breakup; Carlos Armour 6 solo tackles; Chavez Grant 3 solo tackles; Damien Berry 3 solo takles; Kylan Robinson 3 solo tackles; Spencer Adkins 3 solo tackles; Randy Phillips 3 solo tackles; Darryl Sharpton 4 solo tackles, 1 assist; Glenn Cook 1 solo tackle, 3 assists.
Sacks: Sharpton 3, Allen Bailey 1, Chaz Washington 1, Spencer Adkins 1.