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Moncur, Bailey will play

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon just completed his weekly press conference. Here are some notes:

> Defensive ends Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey will both play this week. Shannon estimated both will play 20-25 plays and join the rotation with Steven Wesley, Adewale Ojomo and a trio of true freshman. Moncur's mother passed away Sunday after long battle with cancer. Shannon said he hasn't missed any practice time and is focused on playing Florida this week.

> Right tackle Reggie Youngblood is healthy and is scheduled to start this week.

> Shannon called UM's trip to Gainesville this week "a great opportunity for us to see where we are as a program. We're playing against a team that is ranked in the Top 5, who has a Heisman candidate at quarterback."

"Our strength is probably offensive line, running backs and tight ends," Shannon said. "JJ and Coop all they got to do is what they do. Don't try to make the home run all the time. Sometimes a 2-yard run, another 2-yard run. We just got to be patient in the run game and have protection."

> Shannon said the game will only be for "bragging rights." He said he doesn't believe UM and Florida is a rivalry anymore because the team's don't play on an annual basis. He said the rivalry is between players, who played together in high school. "It's not a rivalry. It's a rivalry within themselves," Shannon said. "I guarantee there are phone calls going between each other. When you don't play a team for six years, the rivalry is gone. It's not like when I played. The Florida Flop and things like that. After we play them Saturday, it will be another six years. That's not a rivalry."

> Saturday night's game will be called by SEC officials. Usually, when UM goes on the road, ACC officials call the game. Shannon said he's confident the game will be called well because it's on national television.

> Shannon said he doesn't expect any problems with the teams. He said his team has long been practicing for taking cheap shots. He has players in practice deliberately hit others after a play to test them. "We practice it every week. We put our guys in those situations. Can you prevent it? All you can do is practice it. Usually when somebody pushes you in the back, you are going to turn around retaliate. We test our guys to make sure they don't do that."

> Shannon said a win for UM would be a "a tremendous boost for us as a university and for the ACC as a conference." Shannon said he will play a lot of young players throughout the game, but he needs his veteran players to step up and perform.

> Shannon said the key to defending Heisman winner Tim Tebow at quarterback is to focus on stopping him in the running game. "I don't think you control him. You have to try to understand what they're doing on offense. The big plays come when they throw off playaction. You have to control him as far as how they run the football. I know numbers, 25, 3, guysl ike that can be electrifying. If you can stop them, you got a chance."

> Shannon said the advice he will give starting quarterback Robert Marve is the same he gave Jacory Harris last week. "Just be himself," Shannon said. "Like we told Jacory last week, just get the ball to the guys that can make plays. And he'll do a fine job for us."

> Shannon downplayed the significance the game will have on recruiting. "We were 5-7 and did a good job in the state," Shannon said. "You got to have good coaches on your staff that can go out and recruit. You have to go out and sell yourself."