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Marve's high school coach: 'He's frustrated'

ORLANDO -- Robert Marve had a sideline pass waiting for him at the Citrus Bowl Saturday. He never picked it up. But somewhere, the University of Miami's starting quarterback was watching his former high school team capture its second state championship in three years.

Robert_marve_4Saturday, after the Citrus Bowl cleared out I caught up with his former high school coach Robert Weiner, who has kept in close contact with Marve since he left Plant. Weiner said he speaks with Marve every day and said his former star quarterback spent two hours with him Friday breaking down film before Plant went out and beat Tallahassee Lincoln 34-14 a day later. While most of Friday's conversation was about the upcoming title game, Weiner said Marve expressed to his coach what's been troubling him lately at Miami.

"Robert's a competitor for sure and like anybody else he wants the job," Weiner said. "And that's part of [what's bothering him], but that's not the only part of it. It's just a matter of him trying to get the most out of his experience so he can help his team. And he's not always sure that's happening."

With rumors rampant about Marve possibly seeking a transfer, I asked Weiner if Marve had discussed Robert_marverobert_weinerleaving UM with him. "I do know he's frustrated, and that the situation he's in now, he's frustrated with," Weiner said. "You have to see what all your options are and things like that. Robert would be torn if [transferring] was really the situation because Robert is such a team guy. He's developed quite a bond with his teammates in Miami, so that would be a difficult situation for him for sure. But at the same time, just like all of us in any of our jobs, in anything we do, we have to evaluate our situation and then determine what's best for our situation."

Weiner said he, as well as Marve's family and friends, have been frustrated -- possibly more than Marve -- about how his suspensions and his playing time has been handled. When asked about Marve's relationship with UM coaches, this is what Weiner said: "The guy who recruited him, Joe Pannunzio, has a tremendous relationship with him. And continues to have a great relationship with [him]. And I know he works with Patrick Nix, who he works with day in and day out. I'm not sure of his relationship with Randy Shannon. The relationship with head coaches can be different in different places. Sometimes, they can be a player's coach and have good relationships with their kids and some head coaches don't have relationships with their kids at all. I'm not sure what Randy is. But I know Randy's relationship with Robert is not a buddy-buddy relationship."

Weiner said Plant has had a lot of recruiters stop by in the last three weeks. Although he didn't say any specifically inquired about Marve, he said he's sure "if [transferring] was something Robert wanted to pursue, he'd have some opportunities."

> As far as potential destinations, Weiner said Marve returning home to play at USF would likely "not be a possibility" because UM plays USF four out of the next five seasons. He also said Alabama, a place Marve was once committed to, no longer shares the relationship it had with Plant.

Orson_charles> As for another Plant-UM connection, tight end Orson Charles talked a little about his recruiting situation Saturday. "Basically, everybody is up there for me," Charles said. "I'm going to pray about it and talk to the people I care about it most with. [What happened with Robert] doesn't really affect me. It just keeps me guessing. I'm just going to talk to Marve and see what's going on. But everybody is still in it. We're going to go see from there."

Charles said he spoke to Marve Friday before the game, but didn't talk at all about college. Charles put up MVP-type numbers in Plant's 34-14 win, catching 6 passes for 132 yards and two touchdowns. He also made three tackles and recorded a sack.