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Marve granted release (confirmed)

It doesn't come as much of a surprise anymore, but quarterback Robert Marve has been granted his release and will leave the program. UM sports information staff has just sent a release confirming  the report by Canesport earlier this morning. Marve started 11 games for UM and was suspended for two others.

A little more than a week ago, Marve voiced his frustrations through his high school Robert_marvecoach Robert Weiner about his strained relationship with coach Randy Shannon and his displeasure with sharing the quarterback duties. Jacory Harris started in place of Marve at the Emerald Bowl. And it appears the writing was on the wall for Marve. Early Tuesday morning, UM coach Randy Shannon spoke with WQAM's Joe Rose and told him regardless if Marve returned, Harris would go into the spring as the starter.

"If Robert chooses to leave the University of Miami, we got Jacory, we got Taylor Cook, we got Cannon Smith, so we’ll be fine," Shannon said. "We’ve got enough talent on this team, we’ve got an experienced quarterback with Jacory, if Robert leaves, Jacory will be our guy, he’ll lead the way, because he has a lot of game experience...

"Jacory did everything to be our guy right now. Robert has to accept that hey, I have to be a person that is willing to do what we are doing at the University of Miami and I think he will if he wants that opportunity to do it, but if not and he wants to transfer, I will grant him his transfer."

Stay tuned to hear Marve's part of the story soon.

> Among other things Randy discussed during his interview, his idea about where he would like to go with the offense moving forward. Monday, Patrick Nix was fired and told The Miami Herald he and Shannon had philosophical differences -- he wanted to open it up more and Shannon wanted to play more of a traditional style.

"If you look at our team, we’ve got tailbacks, we’ve got fullbacks, we’ve got tight ends, we’ve got Jacory_harrisreceivers, now we have all those things in place. I just want a team where we can score some points," Shannon told Rose. "If you watch SC [Southern Cal], it’s a pro-style offense, they use multiple sets, do a lot of great things. Do they have a fullback? Yes. Do they have receivers? Yes. Do they have tight ends? Yes. Do they have three or four tailbacks? Yes."

"You want to be able to have a pro-style offense that can score points. I can’t sit up there and say that we’re gonna line up in 2-back and play smash-mouth; we can line up in one back, we can line up in 2-backs, and do a lot of great things. We should be able to throw the ball out of every personnel group that we’re doing. You want more of a pro-style offense that can score a lot of points.

Jimmy_graham> Not that many of you probably care to talk hoops at a time like this. But I just got back from Frank Haith's press conference. The news of the day is a bruised right wrist will likely keep Jimmy Graham out until ACC play. Graham slipped getting out of the shower two weeks ago and banged his wrist against the toilet. "We've got to give him some time, let that thing heal," Haith said. "He's tried to play with it and we've got to let it heal, because we need him down the stretch."

The injury should open up more playing time for redshirt freshman Julian Gamble, who has been playing well. He had 10 points and three rebounds in 12 minutes at St. John's. "With or without Jimmy's injury, he's earned more playing time," Haith said.

> I'll have an interview with Julian up for you later.