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If Big East calls, should Canes answer?

It's just a wild idea, something a columnist threw out there last week. I'll ask you: Should the Miami Hurricanes consider returning to the Big East?

Rick Bozich, a columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal, thinks so. The talk at the Big East Media Days a few weeks ago from coaches was that the conference needs to add another football playing member. Ideally, it would be Notre Dame. But the bigger target would be a program that would bring some respectability to a conference in dire need of a big name.

We know how well things have gone for the Canes since coming over to the ACC. We know how well they went in the Big East. I'm not saying Kirby Hocutt or anyone at UM would seriously entertain the idea. But if you had a rewind button or an escape clause, would you hit it and send UM back to the place where they were kings? Another writer suggests the Big East and ACC should form a super conference.