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Road Trip: Hurricanes Baseball Going North

Truckster1Good evening Miami fans, hope you are enjoying Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Quite a series, eh?

Well, we should have quite an interesting baseball series this weekend in Gainesville.

The Canes and the Gators have had some epic postseason matchups in the past and this one should be pretty good as well.

First team to two wins goes to Omaha.

Got to love that kind of incentive.

Anyway, I'll be taking over this blog for the next couple of days (unless Manny gets a few more Northwestern kids to commit to Randy Shannon) and will try and keep everyone updated on the doings of the baseball bunch.

My rental car is fueled up, my bag is packed and I'm ready for a few hours of sleep before rolling up the Turnpike first thing in the morning.

I will have updates from Thursday's early afternoon practice in Gainesville from both Miami and Florida and will also be updating my Facebook and Twitter sites throughout the weekend. 

Feel free to sign up and join the fun.

For instant updates, sign up here:

Twitter: @OnFrozenPond

Facebook: On Frozen Pond

Go ahead and sign up for both. Might as well. Don't cost nothing.

Well, that's all I got. See you at the Turkey Lake Service Plaza.

-- George Richards