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QB Watch: Charting Jacory Harris

The University of Miami got back on the winning side of things Saturday with what could best be described as an unimpressive 28-13 win at Duke. Quarterback Jacory Harris finished the day 17 of 34 for 224 yards, 1 touchdown pass, 1 touchdown run and no interceptions.

Jacory Harris It was the first time since the season opener Harris didn't throw an interception -- a span of four games. It was also the first time since the Pittsburgh game he completed at least half of his passes. Harris has been under a lot of scrutiny this season for his inconsistent play. So, this week, after watching a replay of the game on ESPN360, I charted every single one of Harris passes to try and gauge where he's having success and where he's struggling. 

There's no question Harris caught a few breaks Saturday in Durham. He had six passes batted away, including four that could have been intercepted. But of his 34 attempts, aside from the six that bounced off defensive backs hands, only three others were uncatchable. His receivers, who had 30 passes dropped in his first five games, dropped at least five more against Duke. As you know, offensive coordinator Mark Whipple likes to throw the deep ball. Harris attempted 11 of those passes Saturday and completed only three of them for 93 yards. Harris had a lot more success throwing short passes (under 10 yards), completing 11 of 14 for 84 yards. 

First quarter
1st, 2-10-37M, Shotgun, deep pass to Ford 20 yards downfield into double coverage batted away
2nd, 3-10-37M, Shotgun, deep pass to Hankerson 25 yards downfield, dropped
3rd, 1-10-49D, Shotgun, short quick screen pass to Hankerson loses two yards
4th, 3-11-50, Under center, short quick slant to A. Johnson 9 yard gain
5th, 2-5-35M, Audible, Shotgun, short quick slant to Byrd 10-yard gain
6th, 1-10-45M, Shotgun, midrange pass 15 yards downfield to Ford almost intercepted
7th, 3-5-50, Under center, playaction, short pass incomplete to Byrd (Harris pressured)
8th, 3-9-46M, Shotgun, midrange pass to Hankerson for 17 yards
9th, 1-10-37D, Shotgun, deep pass to Hankerson 30 yards downfield into end zone, dropped
10th, 1-10-26D, Under center, short quick slant to Benjamin for 12 yards

Second quarter
11th, 1-10-14D, Under center, short crossing route to Hankerson for 14 yards, touchdown
12th, 1-10-45M, Under center, playaction, deep pass to Hankerson 25 yards downfield, dropped
13th, 1-10-49D, Shotgun, deep pass to Hurns down sideline, dropped
14th, 3-9-48D, Shotgun, midrange pass to Ford, underthrown, trapped, incomplete
15th, 1-10-3M, Under center, playaction, deep post to Benjamin for 37 yards
16th, 1-10-40M, Under center, Heavy pressure, evades sack, throws pass away
17th, 1-10-46D, Under center, playaction, short dump off pass to P. Hill for 5 yards
18th, 3-3-39D, Under center, short quick slant to Byrd thrown behind receiver, incomplete
19th, 4-3-39D, Under center, deep pass downfield to Benjamin for TD overthrown
20th, 1-10-46D, Under center, play action, deep pass 20-yard downfield to Hankerson almost intercepted
21st, 2-10-46D, Shotgun, deep pass to Hankerson for 33 yards
22nd, 1-10-36M, Shotgun, midrange pass to Byrd near sideline thrown high, incomplete
23rd, 2-10-36M, Shotgun, midrange pass downfield to Ford almost intercepted
24th, 3-15-31M, Shotgun, midrange pass to Hankerson almost intercepted (Harris pressured)

Third quarter
25th, 1-10-22M, Under center, short quick curl pattern to Gordon for 9 yards
26th, 3-5-46M, Shotgun, short crossing route to Hankerson for 7 yards
27th, 2-9-46D, Shotgun, short quick out pass to Hankerson for 11 yards
28th, 1-10-24D, Under center, play action, deep pass to Byrd for 23 yards
29th, 1-10-41M, Under center, short screen pass to M. James for 1 yard (holding penalty negates 21 yard gain)
30th, 1-20-32M, Shotgun, midrange out patten to Cleveland for 12 yards

Fourth quarter
31st, 2-8-44M, Shotgun, short pass to Cleveland for 8 yards
32nd, 3-15-47M, Shotgun, midrange pass to Benjamin for 18 yards (caught 11 yards downfield)
33rd, 3-5-30D, Under center, short pass to Benjamin dropped
34th, 4-5-30D, Under center, deep pass to Gordon in end zone, overthrown, incomplete

> Attempts: 34 (thrown away 1)
> Completions: 17
> Passes defended: 6 (4 could have been intercepted)
> Passes dropped: 5 (Hankerson 3, Benjamin, Hurns)
> Poorly thrown passes: Underthrown 1, Overthrown 2
> Deep (20 yards or more): 3-11-93 yards
> Midrange (11 to 19 yards): 3-8-47 yards
> Short passes (10-under): 11-14-84 yards
> Shotgun: 9-18-114, 0 TDs
> Under center: 8-16-110, 1 TD
> Play-action passes: 2-4-42