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Morris likely to start; Jacory now underdog

Good morning.

Nothing is official.

Nothing has been announced.

But it sure seems like Stephen Morris will be getting his third career start Saturday against Va. Tech, definitely the biggest game of the season. Win this one and the Hurricanes will have their first three-game winning streak of the season, and will go into the regular-season finale at home against South Florida a truly improved football team (if only the Canes could have beaten Virginia, which has beaten only two FBS teams this season -- and you guys know one of them very well).

Yesterday afternoon, coach Randy Shannon said, as he has all along, that usual starter Jacory Harris' status will be based on what the UM medical staff decides. Shannon has not given any specifics on how and if Harris has progressed from the concussion he suffered Oct. 30 at Virginia.

You would assume he has progressed in two-plus weeks.

What Shannon did say, however, was that Harris' injury was "severe and serious.'' He said UM will take "baby steps because it's Jacory's well-being and not the University of Miami's football team's well-being.''

Shannon was asked if Jacory needed to practice Tuesday or Wednesday in order to play Saturday.

"If we started the game today,'' he said, "it's Stephen Morris as the quarterback. But Tuesday and Wednesday are a long way from now, and we'll address those things when those things come.''

The way the Hurricanes played Saturday, fans have to be feeling good today.  I just hope Jacory Harris stays strong mentally and emotionally, because this whole thing has to be throwing him for a loop. He's gone through the ringer physically, and I can only imagine how all this is playing out in his mind. He's a very nice kid, and I hope he comes back strong.

Stephen Morris? Very impressive. Love his demeanor on the field. Love his arm and poise. When he takes off on a run, he does it with certainty. Of course he hasn't been pounded to the ground (too much) yet. And yes, the Canes are running the ball so well recently that the quarterback benefits.

One thing is for certain: this should be a very interesting off-season, both in the spring and fall. I'm figuring that Shannon will put the position up for grabs. And you can bet that at the end of spring, Shannon won't announce a starter and will continue the competition through fall camp.

For the first time in his career since taking over the reins (post Marve), Jacory Harris appears to be the underdog.

Stay tuned.