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Report: Seantrel Henderson suspended for UM season opener

There is a report by InsideTheU.com that University of Miami soon-to-be-sophomore offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is suspended for the opening football game at University of Maryland.

We have requested a comment from UM coach Al Golden and are still awaiting a response. We do know that there are some academic issues within the offensive line personnel, but don't know to exactly what extent the problem reaches -- or if the Henderson situation is related.

InsideTheU.com wrote that "multiple sources have confirmed'' the information. The report also said "multiple sources have also confirmed that Henderson is unhappy with the new staff as former head coach Randy Shannon was a big reason why he chose to attend Miami after being released from his letter of intent he signed with USC [last] March.''

Henderson, a freshman All-American who was the nation's No. 1 recruit in the 2010 signing class, is a 6-8, 345-pound behemoth who was listed on Golden's opening spring depth chart as the No. 2 left tackle behind redshirt freshman Malcolm Bunche. Henderson started nine games last year, and he is a substantial talent who will only get better as he gets more mature. That depth chart was based on the off-season conditioning program. Henderson did lose at least 10 pounds, one coach said last week. Another report had him losing 35 pounds. Not sure he actually lost that much, but don't know.

Players worked out this morning, finished their classes and dispersed for a week-long spring break. And that includes Henderson, who is heading back to Minnesota.

On Thursday, I asked Golden what coaches do during the break. "The coaches are off,'' he said. "I'm sure there will be coaches that just can't get away from it and will be around a little bit. But for the most part, everybody has got some business to tidy up somewhere else, so we have to take care of our families in making the transition here.''

Golden was asked what his message will be to his players about break and what they do? "The same as it always is,'' he said. "Protect the university. Defend the team. That's it. Don't embarrass yourself, the program, your family or the U family. We've got to make sure we're always teaching them lifeskills and develop them on a daily basis. And choices, attitude and partners are a big part of that. Hopefully they'll make good choices and choose good partners over spring break.''