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GAME 1: Florida State 6 @ Miami 5 FINAL

Marklights George Richards here from a dark and rainy looking Mark Light Stadium. 

Both teams have completed warmups (Noles in road gray, Miami in home whites).

UPDATE: Game was supposed to start at 7 p.m., but the lightning detectors started going off. Once the teams take the field after the 'all clear' we'll start in 30 minutes.

The all-clear has sounded and game time is now slated for 8:10 p.m.

Game is on CSS (which means you have to have Comcast to watch) and on WFTL 1400-AM in the Miami area (well, Broward area).

Here are the starting lineups. Going to have updates on this page throughout the game, but you can get instant updates by following me on Twitter @OnFrozenPond or like my Facebook page -- also, On Frozen Pond.

Play ball!

FSU: Travis 2B; Johnson 3B; McGee CF; Ramsey RF; Boyd 1B; Lopez C; Gonzalez SS; O'Brien DH; Easterling LF. LHP Sean Gilmartin (7-1, 1.38; 81 Ks, 72 IP)

UM: DeVoss LF; Melendres CF; Rodriguez DH; Martinez 1B; Fieger 3B; Broad 2B; Carey RF; Villasuso C; Perez SS. LHP Bryan Radziewski (6-2, 3.23; 58 Ks, 55 2/3 IP)


TOP 1: McGee reaches on E6, inning ends on FC 6UN from Ramsey; Travis K to lead off. FSU 0, MIAMI 0

BOT 1: DeVoss walks, moves to second on Melendres infield single; Rodriguez strikes out; Martinez flies out to left; Fieger grounds out to short. MIAMI: 0 runs, 1 hit, 2 LOB...FSU 0, UM 0

TOP 2: Boyd leads off with single (picked off 1-4); Lopez singles; Gonzalez reaches FC E1; O'Brien grounds out 6-3 (runners advance); Easterling strikes out. FSU: 0 runs, 2 hits, 1 E, 2 LOB. FSU 0, UM 0.

BOT 2: Broad walks to lead off; Carey reaches on bunt, moves runner; Villasuso sacrifice; Perez FC to third, catcher Lopez can't handle throw, Broad scores ... DeVoss sac fly to LF scores Carey from 3rd; Melendres singles; Rodriguez flies out to center. UM: 2 runs; 2 hits; 2 lob ... MIAMI 2, FSU 0

TOP 3: Travis reaches on E-3; Johnson F8; McGee walks; Ramsey single, RBI; Boyd FC drives in Johnson; Boyd to 2nd on E-1; Lopez 4-3. FSU: 2 runs; 1 hit, 1 LOB ... FSU 2, MIAMI 2

BOT 3: Martinez reaches on infield single; Fieger sac 1-3; Broad flies out to right; Carey strikes out looking.

TOP 4: Gonzalez HBP; O'Brien grounds into 6-4 FC; Easterling strikes out; Travis singles as O'Brien goes to third; O'Brien scores as UM catcher Villasuso throw to second ends up in center field after Travis caught in no-mans land; Travis then steals third; Johnson walks; McGee doubles in 2 runs; Ramsey 6-3. FSU gets 3 runs off 2 hits and an E.

BOT 4: Villasuso 4-3; Perez 5-3; DeVoss DBL to left; Melendres 6-3.


PITCHING LINE ON RADZIEWSKI: 4 ip; 5 h, 5 r, 3 er, 2 bb, 2 k, wp, hbp, 2 e, PO

TOP 5: Boyd reaches E5 (goes to second on errant throw; UM's 6th E of night); Lopez F7; Gonzalez 5-3; PH Parker Brunelle F8.

BOT 5: Rodriguez K; Martinez 6-3; Fieger K 2-3

TOP 6: Seth Miller F9; Travis HBP; Johnson K; Travis steals second, thrown out at third.

BOT 6: Broad K; Carey single; Villacuso walks; Perez singles, Carey scores (5-3); DeVoss batting with a 3-2 count


And, we're back....

After an 18-minute delay, DeVoss walks to load the bases; fourth walk by Gilmartin ties a career high.

Melendres grounds out to pitcher, Villasuso scores from third; Melendres K to end it. Canes get 2 runs on 2 hits, pull within 1.

TOP 7: McGee walks (later caught stealing 2nd); Ramsey P4; Boyd P2

BOT 7: Martinez F8; Fieger 5-3; Broad F8

TOP 8: Lopez singled; Gonzalez warning track F8; Brunelle 1-3; Miller K

BOT 8: Gilmartin leaves the game for FSU;

Carey leads off with single, then goes to second on 5-3 sac from Chantz Mack; Stephen Perez singles in Carey as Miami ties score 5-5. DeVoss K; Melendres stuck atr plate as Perez caught stealing on a pitch-out.

TOP 9: Travis 3-1; Johnson HBP; McGee K; Ramsey singles, moves Johnson to third; Boyd at bat; Travis Miller's wild pitch allows Johnson to come home and give FSU the lead; Boyd then reaches on 7th Miami error putting runners on the corners; 7 Es is a season high for the Canes. Lopez F8.