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Hotel Hurricanes, colored jerseys, Rodgers at corner, Clements at safety & Shayon rehabbing

 Guess they won't be changing their own linen.   

   If you haven't heard by now, the Hurricanes will be spending three weeks in a hotel during preseason camp, Coach Al Golden confirmed to me a few days ago. He didn't want to say, at least yet, what hotel they'll be staying at, though he knows it eventually will be reported.

    Here's his explanation of that situation during our private interview earlier this week:

    "It was a function of whether or not we wanted to move from Summer-Two [session] housing to preseason camp housing, then to a hotel, then to fall housing,'' Golden said. "What we opted to do is to keep them in one spot for three weeks, then move in to fall housing.

    "It's Less disruptive, more congruent with what this team needs in terms of our unity and our togetherness, and to be honest with you there are safety issues there as well. We didn’t want kids driving home -– because we have kids who live all over the place –- at 11 O’Clock at night after going through a two-a-day in 90-degree heat and those types of things. So we have a chance to be safe, we have a chance to bring the team together, we have a chance to monitor the team and we have a chance to just have a singular focus and purpose for three weeks."

 Added Golden: "It's just for preseason.''

 And when I asked what hotel they're staying at, Golden answered, "I’m not going to give that one. I’m sure it’s going to get out at some point."

Wonder how much this is costing Miami.


* Golden is still implementing his system of awarding different colored jerseys to the players who have excelled the previous week in training, conditioning, practices, etc. He said  "the offense is orange (first team) and then white and the defense is black (first team) and then green."

* Former TB Eduardo Clements during the spring said he first was switched to cornerback, but he’s now a safety, and has been for a while, Golden confirmed -- "only because the need over there."

* Sophomore Kacy Rodgers, who came in as a safety, "is playing a little corner for us throughout the summer,'' Golden said. "He was a safety, but he has length and good speed, so we’re trying him at corner as well."

 * Golden: "All the linebackers will be moving around."

In other UM news, redshirt sophomore Shayon Green (knee surgery) will not be ready to go until the beginning of October. If you recall, Shayon -- from Tifton, Ga. -- started his career at UM as a linebacker. But Coach Golden switched him to defensive end during spring practice because, as Golden said in March, “He has a chance to be a big, strong, physical kid. He has big legs and can carry weight. Plus, he can always go back to linebacker.”

I'm not sure of Shayon's exact status now position-wise, but I do know he is still rehabilitating and it will be quite a while before he fully practices with his teammates.

Have a good, safe weekend everyone