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News from Al Golden: suspension(s?), Seantrel, NCAA Clearinghouse, etc.

PINEHURST, N.C. -- Had a pleasant one-on-one interview with Coach Golden today. I hope he does well at UM. He is respectful, direct and answers questions -- or at least actually listens to them. Yes, he's a coach, and coaches often answer questions by not answering them, or by being so confusing you don't know what's going on (evidence: the first time Golden talked to us during spring about possible suspensions).  But so far, I'm very impressed. We'll see how it plays out as the season progresses. I guess so much of it comes down to the W's (I won't mention the other letter).

I don't have much time here, because group interviews with coaches are approaching at the ACC Football Kickoff. And again, unfortunately, Al Golden's interview session is late afternoon/evening. Bad for deadline purposes.

Briefly, if any of you follow me on twitter @smillerdegnan you saw this stuff, but here's some of the newsy stuff he told me. I haven't transcribed yet, sorry.

I asked Coach Golden: "Not naming names, is there anyone you know that will be suspended for at least one game this season?"  His answer. "Yes."

He hedged when I asked him if there were "multiple players suspended" -- seemed to be counting in his mind (haha -- seriously), and again, I don't have the transcription yet. But he did tell me he will let media know of anyone suspended the week going into that particular game.

OT Seantrel Henderson has been dealing with lower back pain for a long time now, and he is trying to resolve the problem. He will be eased into fall practice gradually, as will DT Marcus Forston, who is coming off knee surgery.

S Vaughn Telemaque, who was wearing a neck brace during the spring game, should be OK for fall practice.

Coach Golden said WR Aldarius Johnson is doing well and everything is good with him and the Canes. Many of us have heard about certain attitude-related situations with Aldarius, but Golden insisted he's A-OK.

Some incoming signee (or not incoming) news:

  1. Golden said OL signee Taylor Gadbois (6-7, 292) of Ga. will attend "prep school for half a year" before coming to UM.
  2. Golden said LB signee Antonio Kinard (Hargrave Academy) & West Boca DT signee Corey King have Clearinghouse issues. He's hoping they get cleared, but who knows?

  Also, Golden said Jeffrey Brown (arrest formerly reported) will not be returning to the team and is no longer at UM.  

  Golden said  OT Joel Figueroa, who was granted a rare sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA, is raring and ready to go. But he would not say what position on the line he will play. If you recall, Joel started as a guard and was moved to tackle. If you guys know anything about Art Kehoe, he practices everyone at every position on the line.

   Have to run now.

   Later, Susan Miller Degnan

   P.S. ACC media just picked FSU to beat Virginia Tech in the ACC title game for the ACC crown. UM was picked second in the Coastal Division behind Va. Tech.