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Golden gives team off today, but has more to say, including, 'Many of them think they're way better than they are'

The Hurricanes were given off today by coach Al Golden.

As I just tweeted, they need a break in one way or another. The defense is hurting, and they have three games in the next 17 days.

Golden still talked to the media, and told us the reason he was so emotional after the game was that his players were hurting so much. "I had just left a locker room and guys were shattered,'' he said.

After that game, how could you not be emotional?

News-wise, Golden said Jermaine Johnson, who played offensive tackle last year but apparently isn't  good enough to get on the travel squad this year, has been practicing "individual drills" as a defensive lineman. "So he would probably be the next man in if we lost somebody else.''

 But the coach said he'd "rather invest in [true freshman defensive tackle] Corey King [of Boca Raton] -- someone who plays that position [DT]. I gave the OK on Saturday for him to go in. It just never came to that point.

"He [King] missed training camp and trying to learn during the season is very difficult. But he's been in meetings the last three weeks. We always try to think a step ahead: 'What if we lose somebody?' So we have been prepping him in meetings the last couple of weeks and we traveled him last week in case that did happen. I'm excited about him but he missed a lot of work. He's just got to try to learn on the run now.''


 Golden said, actually, that he had "no update'' on the status of injured defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo (undisclosed injury), but said he was hopeful he could play this Saturday at North Carolina. He said Ojomo played "very well'' at defensive tackle, but he didn't play at all in the second half. He said he also hopes to get back Jalen Grimble (listed as an "or'' behind second-stringer Andrew Smith on the newest depth chart) for UNC.


Speaking of the newest depth chart, released this morning, Shayon Green has moved from right to left defensive end, and is listed as the starter, with an "OR" between him and Marcus Robinson.

The starting right defensive end is true freshman Anthony Chickillo, who had eight tackles at Virginia Tech and is as good as advertised. 

According to the new depth chart, DT Ojomo has moved from the left side to the right, and is listed as a starter, with "OR" between his name and Micanor Regis'. Darius Smith is listed as the starter at left DT.

Outside linebacker Jordan Futch has an "OR" between his name and Kelvin Cain's.

Here's a link to the new depth chart: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html


 Golden said UM coaches have to make sure the players aren't looking for "external affirmation.

"I think that's one of the biggest things coaching at Miami,'' Golden said. "We have a lot of guys that look for external affirmation. They're looking for, 'Hey, am I on the highlight reel?' or 'Am I on the blogs?' or 'Hey, am I a preseason this or that?' And we've got to get away from that. We've got to get to being a team that executes every day and is process driven and let the outcome take care of itself."

It appears that some Hurricanes might not always "be on the same page on offense, defense and special teams,'' Golden said, "and part of that, to be quite honest, is humbling for the kids because many of them think they're way better than they are and they just have to understand that they have to execute their role, no matter what that role is.''

In closing, Golden said North Carolina (5-1, 1-1 ACC) is the best team they have seen this year. "No question about it,'' he said. "The quarterback is playing really well right now. They have the most talented offensive line. They're running the ball really well on offense. On defense, they're doing an excellent job, really physical up front. And I know in their minds they think they should be 6-0.

Anyone else notice that almost every quarterback (OSU qb the exception) that plays against UM seems to be a star that week?