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Miami Hurricanes' first fall scrimmage in the books: Al Golden talks about it here, PLUS STATS ...

The first scrimmage of 2012 fall camp is over, and the season seems that much closer.

Here is the transcript I just did of WQAM's Joe Zagacki, the voice of the Hurricanes, interviewing UM Coach Al Golden after the scrimmage (thanks to HurricaneSports.com). I'll get the stats to you as soon as I get them.

Coach Al Golden’s post-scrimmage interview with WQAM’s Joe Zagacki, Voice of the Canes:

First scrimmage of the year. What’s your reaction to what you saw today?

“I think we’re going to learn a lot from it certainly. We had a good tempo. We’ve got to work on getting in and out of the huddle a little better – our cadence and our alignments and certainly our substitution patterns on defense. There will be a lot that we can learn from, certainly.”

You had some big plays today. The first couple of drives, big plays with Mike James, big plays with Allen Hurns and also Duke Johnson.

“We need that. We need some guys to step up. We lost a lot of our explosive players from a year ago in Street [Tommy Streeter], Lamar [Miller] and Trav [Travis Benjamin], so now there’s a void there and we need guys to step up, regardless of what there age is.’’

Mike James taking his game to another level in terms of physical play? He had a 51-yard run plus he was hard to bring down.

“We’ve been saying it all camp, he looks quicker, he looks faster. He’s always been strong; last year was a tough year for him, he was hobbled with turf toe all year. He just looks different this year. Hopefully Mike will stay healthy and give us what we thought he would be.

It looks like your quarterbacks had a good day. It looks like Stephen ended up with 22 or 23 completions?

“I don’t know what the final tally was but I thought he did a nice job. A couple of throws he rushed, didn’t set his feet but overall I thought they both showed command of the offense and hung in there. I think we just had the one interception late on the batted ball in the two-minute [drill]. But other than that, I thought we made a lot of progress at that position.’’

Good news, bad news was you had one turnover?

“Yeah. You know, we didn’t take it away on defense and we didn’t cause any fumbles, so it certainly is good news, bad new. The bad news is the challenge is going to remain that we need to intercept the ball and take it away more on defense. I don’t think that’s going to change. We need to be better than we were a year ago.’’

Your red-zone offense a year ago was very good. Today, it looked like your offensive line was starting to impose their will in the red-zone drills, and Duke had a nose for the football?

“Yeah, he found it. He has a low center of gravity and has a knack for diving and getting in the end zone, so that’s good. I thought Eduardo [Clements] ran really well today. He made a couple of cuts. A couple of other times he could have pressed it and hit it a little bit quicker, but he’s really doing a nice job. He plays really hard.

“The offensive line played hard. It’s a good scrimmage for us to learn from overall. We had a lot of young guys in there at linebacker because of some injuries, so we’ll get a look at them. We’ll regroup tomorrow night.’’

Tracy Howard got a good dose today of physical college football as well?

“Yeah, we got the ball to the perimeter a couple of times, so his play was challenged, as was all the corners. One of the things we’ve noticed is unselfishness on the perimeter with our wide receivers. They’re really blocking well and giving it up for each other on the perimeter.’’

Wieclaw hit one for 51 yards?

“The ball was spotted on the 39.. How far was it? I thought it was.. He bombed it. Bombed it. Unless I was wrong I thought the ball was on the 39. He bombed it. He was excited. He got a good leg to it. Overall, we made all our field goals today. So, that’s good.”

Some of your concerns on defense?

“Overall, I think our depth at linebacker is our first concern. We’re going to have to have some guys rise up there and we’re going to have to have some other guys get healthy, to be quite honest. In the secondary we played a lot of young guys, so that’s not really a concern. The fact of the matter is those guys are going to have to grow up quickly.

“We saw Deon [Bush] out there a lot, Rayshawn [Jenkins] out there a lot, Tracy Howard out there a lot, Antonio Crawford. So those guys are going to all have to grow up gradually. And then the defensive line, we’ve got to get one guy that can really dominate the game for us (inaudible).’’

Is this a depth-chart moving day?

“It certainly is. We’ll work on that tonight and tomorrow and we’ll reset, we’ll have another six days before Scrimmage 2 and go a little bit longer and basically we’ll have the team set. I’m not saying some guys aren’t going to come in the last week or so, but we’ll basically have the team set by.. next week.’’

Next week fans have an opportunity to meet and greet the Hurricanes and their coaches at BankUnited CanesFest, from 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, right after scrimmage No. 2.

UM opens its 2012 campaign at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 1 at Boston College. Thankfully, football season is not all that far away.



HERE ARE THE STATS (please keep in mind that these stats include portions of the scrimmage that were separate from the flow of normal play, such as a two-minute drill at the end of the scrimmage, etc):


Maurice Hagens 3 pass from Stephen Morris

Mike James 1 run

Duke Johnson 1 run

Dyron Dye 3 pass from Ryan Williams

Rashawn Scott 2 pass from Williams

Eduardo Clements 2 run

Jake Wieclaw 56 FG

Allen Hurns 29 pass from Morris

D. Johnson 37 pass from Morris

James 51 run

Matt Goudis 24 FG

James 1 run

D. Johnson 13 run

Scott 3 pass from Williams

Goudis 42 FG

Wieclaw 51 FG

Dallas Crawford 2 run

Phillip Dorsett 10 pass from Morris

D. Johnson 10 run



Mike James 13-137 3 TD; Eduardo Clements 10-55 2 TD; Duke Johnson 9-49 3 TD; Stephen Morris 1-17; Dallas Crawford 3-3 1 TD; Danny Dillard 1-7; Ryan Williams 3-5; Brandon Yosha 2-0.



Stephen Morris 24-36-1-193 4 TD; Ryan Williams 12-17-0-121 3 TD; Preston Dewey 0-3-0-0; Gray Crow 0-3-0-0.



Duke Johnson 3-44 1 TD; Malcolm Lewis 3-42; Allen Hurns 1-29 1 TD; Phillip Dorsett 3-27 1 TD; Davon Johnson 2-24; Rashawn Scott 3-23 2 TD; Kendal Thompkins 5-22; Herb Waters 3-19; Clive Walford 1-17; Eduardo Clements 3-14; Dallas Crawford 2-14; Dyron Dye 2-13 2 TD; Mike James 3-13; Jontavious Carter 1-10; Maurice Hagens 1-3 1 TD.



A.J. Highsmith 7-2-9; Tyrone Cornelius 6-1-7; Tracy Howard 5-2-7; Ramon Buchanan 5-2-7; Vaughn Telemaque 3-2-5; Brandon McGee 3-1-4; Kacy Rodgers II 3-1-4; Anthony Chickillo 3-1-4; Curtis Porter 3-1-4; Thomas Finnie 3-0-3; Denzel Perryman 2-1-3; Jimmy Gaines 2-1-3; Deon Bush 2-1-3; Gabriel Terry 3-0-3; Shayon Green 2-0-2; Nantambu Fentress 2-0-2; Antonio Crawford 2-0-2; Tyriq McCord 2-0-2; Jalen Grimble 1-1-2; Rayshawn Jenkins 1-0-1; Nate Dortch 1-0-1; Ladarius Gunter 1-0-1; Vernon Davis 1-0-1; Akil Craig 1-0-1; Earl Moore 1-0-1; Olsen Pierre 1-0-1; Luther Robinson 1-0-1; Jake O’Donnell 1-0-1; Dwayne Hoilett 1-0-1; Darius Smith 1-0-1.



Dwayne Hoilett 3; Tyriq McCord 1; Rayshawn Jenkins 1; Nate Dortch 1.



Anthony Chickillo 1-10; Tyrone  Cornileus 1-9; JaWand Blue 1-5.



Tyrone Cornileus 1.


Fumble Recoveries

Jacoby Briscoe 1.

 Field Goals

Jake Wieclaw 2-2 (56, 51); Matt  Goudis 2-2 (24, 42).