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Hurns, Telemaque expected back for Georgia Tech

Good news from today's press conference with Al Golden.

It looks like receiver Allen Hurns and safety Vaughn Telemaque will both be back for Saturday's game at Goergia Tech.

The bad news: middle linebacker Denzel Perryman is definitely out this week, Golden said.

But the return of Hurns, UM's leading receiver before he sustained another concussion at Kansas State two weeks ago, and Telemaque, a three-year starter at safety has to help UM heading into a tough, tough game.

"Hurns is back," Golden said when recapping the changes to the team's depth chart. "There's a good chance you can write in Vaughn depending on how it goes tomorrow. Gionni Paul has been playing inside with Jimmy Gaines [with Perryman out]. They're competing right now.

"[Telemaque] did a lot today. He did more than I thought he would do. So, there's a good chance, hopefully we'll see how he responds and hopefully there is a good chance we'll have him."

Golden spoke for a little more than 20 minutes about the Yellow Jackets in all and Saturday's game 'a big test."

"After studying them the last 48 hours, this is a complete team," Golden said. "Very experienced, very mature team. Obviously 50 points back-to-back on offense, averaging 365 yards rushing. Veteran leader in [Tevin] Washington at quarterback. Explosive players on the perimeter.Right now, I think the biggest difference with Georgia Tech is how physical they are and how rugged they are on both sides of the line and how mature they are. On defense, [they] haven't allowed a rushing touchdown. Personnel, they look like [defensive coordinator Al] Groh would want them. They're long, they're physical. They're linebackers are 235 pounds plus. They're 6-6 at the ends and the nose is about 345 pounds. So big and physical group. They give you multiple fronts. Very aggressive linebacker core. They give your playmakers trouble. The biggest change is how aggressive they are in the back end and how they're challenging receivers on the perimeter. Again, it's going to be a great test. We're excited about the opportunity."


> Golden said fourth-string running back Dallas Crawford has a done a good job this week as the scout team quarterback to prepare the Hurricanes for what they'll see. Defensively -- as usual with the spread option -- the key is assignment football.

"We just have to worry about everybody doing their job," Golden said. "You're going to have to really execute and find a way to take the ball away. They're excellent at the time of possession game. I think the biggest change right now is how explosive they are. They're scoring quickly and they're making teams play from behind. But clearly for us on defense, it has to be assignment football. We have to be able to keep our poise. There's some nuances that will show up in our game that will not show up in the previous three and we have to be able to adjust to it.

"With Denzel [Perryman] down, we're going to need guys some guys to step up. Jimmy Gaines and Gionni Paul are going to have to step up. And some of those guys that have been on that field versus this look in the past -- Tyrone Cornelius, [Kelvin] Cain, Darius Smith, Shayon [Green], [Anthony] Chickillo, [Brandon] McGee -- those guys are going to have to step up for us and do really well."

> Golden said quarterback Stephen Morris has to do a better job completing passes downfield in games like he does in practice. "There's nothing in practice that says it shouldn't translate to the game," Golden said. "We just have not connected on as many as I would like. Certainly, Saturday we didn't connect on some we should have hit."

Golden said Morris is going to have to do a good job recognizing Georgia Tech's fronts this week. "We're going to have to do a better job of protecting Stephen. They really got to the young man from man from Virginia a lot and got him rattled in the pocket," Golden said. "It's going to be important we protect him and get in the right play for Stephen."

> Golden said the number of times Duke Johnson has been touching the ball has been fine. He wants more out of his other playmakers.

"There's a number of guys I'd like to see us get the ball too more. Phillip Dorsett more. Hurns. Malcolm Lewis. Rashawn [Scott]. Mike James. Again, I keep challenging Clive to take that next step. Clive didn't factor into that game as much I wanted even though he played hard. We got to start making him available," Golden said. "I don't want us to be a one dimensional team on offense. We had a lot of guys touch the ball the other day. We need more explosive plays when guys touch the ball."

> Golden said using Duke Johnson in punt return situations isn't something he foresees right now.

"I like Phillip [Dorsett]," Golden said. "I think Phillip does a good job. Again, you got a glimpse of Malcolm [Lewis] the other day. If he would have trusted it, he probably would have had another one. I don't want to use Randy as a punt returner right now. He can do it, [though]. He practices."

> Golden said left guard Jonathan Feliciano continues to play like UM's best offensive lineman. Golden also said the battle for the starting jobs at offensive tackle could go into Thursday or Friday.

"I think the biggest difference with Feliciano is his weight's down. His energy is up and he's finishing better than anybody in the offensive line," Golden said. "Again, that's a challenge right now. He's playing with a lot of energy down the field, pushing piles, finishing blocks. To be honest with you the guy right now on his heels is Seantrel [Henderson]. Seantrel when he's been in the game has played with a lot of energy. We need everybody on the offensive line to play with that type of energy. I think Jon's playing really well right now."

> Golden said freshman safety Deon Bush played well against Bethune-Cookman.

"The mistakes he made in the game weren't really mental errors, presnap protocol. It was more when he was [blitzing]," Golden said. "One time he came when he wasn't supposed to. Another time he came and he didn't leverage the quarterback. Things like that. But I think Deon has a good look. He's poised. His approach so far this week has been good."

> Golden said freshman cornerback Tracy Howard has to "play within the system" more.

"Just execute the defense. Don't freelance so to speak. Don't do more than you have to do. Just do your job and stay within defense," Golden said. "He's played a lot of football for us already. He's over 100 plays for us in three games -- not including special teams. So, he's played a lot of football."

> With Sean McNally out for the year, safety A.J. Highsmith is now the team's backup long-snapper.