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Hate for Randy's guys? Hardly. Shannon's players still play big roles for Golden's Canes

It was supposed to be a relatively quiet bye week for the Hurricanes.

It's hardly been that.

First, Luther Robinson's father took to the radio waves earlier this week (he said it was him) and called UM coach Al Golden a liar for saying he doesn't have enough talent on the defensive line. Then, Robinson Sr. wondered aloud if the Hurricanes' second-year coach had "something against [former coach] Randy Shannon's players," -- the excuse as to why his son and other Shannon recruits supposedly are not playing more.

A couple days later, the drama continued.

Defensive end Kelvin Cain -- one of Shannon's recruits -- was discovered to be off the Hurricanes roster (Surprise! Somehow Golden forgot to mention it during his 10 minute ACC teleconference). A UM spokesman later informed a few observant roster watchers that Cain's name had indeed been deleted on purpose because he "left the team."

A day later, Cain's mom told our Susan Miller Degnan she was puzzled and couldn't understand why UM had said Cain left the team. Now, Cain's mom is hoping her son finds a way back on the roster and avoids becoming the 15th player to sign with UM under Randy Shannon and depart under Al Golden before their time was supposed to be up.

So does all this mean Al Golden really does have something against Randy Shannon's players? Is this all part of Al's master plan? Is he sitting in his office crossing Shannon's guys off his list with a red magic marker and laughing like Dr. Evil?

Hardly. Smells like sour grapes to me. Sounds like more excuses. Reads like it too.

Here are some numbers regarding this Hurricanes roster you might find interesting:

> By my count there are currently 79 players on scholarship at UM. Forty-five were recruited by Al Golden and 34 committed to the program under Randy Shannon.

> Of those 79 scholarship players, 26 were listed on offense on the depth chart before the Florida State game and 28 were listed on defense. Count the two kickers -- Dalton Botts and Jake Wieclaw -- and you have a total of 56 scholarship players who aren't just special teams guys (like Dallas Crawford) who see playing time regularly on game day.

> The remaining healthy 19 scholarship players are on scout team/special teams along with other walk-ons. UM has four scholarship players out for the season with injury: OT Ben Jones, LB Ramon Buchanan, WR Malcolm Lewis and QB David Thompson.

So how many Golden guys are starters? 10 including seven on defense.

How many Golden guys are backups? 18 including a dozen on defense.

How many starters are Shannon guys? 18 including a dozen on offense.

How many Shannon guys are backups? Ten.

So that's 28 Shannon guys and 28 Golden guys that make up the depth chart. I'm no mathematician, but that sounds pretty even to me.

Forget math for a moment and concentrate simply on "equal opportunity." I'm a firm believer that any coach puts winning first. If Luther Robinson or Kelvin Cain were even remotely better than the players currently playing for UM why would any coach in their right mind not put them in the game?

Here's the only reasoning that makes sense: Robinson and Cain are not better than the guys competing with them in practice everyday. And if they aren't cutting it in practice, Golden is doing the right thing by playing younger players in the game.

Those players are not only going to ride out the oncoming NCAA storm with Golden, but they still have time to grow and improve. Last I checked, Robinson and Cain have each had at least three seasons to prove they deserve a starting job here. They didn't do it with the previous staff. And they obviously haven't done it now against a bunch of freshmen and sophomore.

Golden is a hater? Give me a break.


GOLDEN'S GUYS (45 scholarship recruits)
Starters (10)
OT Ereck Flowers (5/28/11)
WR Rashawn Scott (1/25/11)
DE Olsen Pierre (12/19/10)
DT Corey King (5/2011)
LB Eddie Johnson (2/2/11)
LB Gionni Paul (1/29/11)
LB Denzel Perryman (1/22/11)
DB Ladarius Gunter (12/4/11)
S Deon Bush (1/7/12)
P Dalton Botts (12/29/10)

Backups (18)
QB Ryan Williams (transfer - 5/6/11)
WR Robert Lockhart (1/7/12)
WR Herb Waters (7/11/11)
OG Daniel Isidora (11/29/11)
OT Hunter Wells (late addition - 8/11)
DT Dequan Ivery (2/1/12)
DT Earl Moore (8/17/11)
DT Darius Smith (5/2011)
DE Ricardo Williams (1/9/11)
DE Jelani Hamilton (6/21/11)
DE Tyriq McCord (1/7/12)
LB Thurston Armbrister (late addition - 6/6/11)
LB Raphael Kirby (5/17/11)
CB Antonio Crawford (1/29/12)
CB Thomas Finnie (1/7/11)
CB Tracy Howard (2/2/12)
S Rayshawn Jenkins (11/14/11)
K Matt Goudis (1/16/11)

Scout team (15)
QB Gray Crow (2/16/11)
QB Preston Dewey (6/3/11)
RB Dallas Crawford (1/18/11)
RB Danny Dillard (11/6/11)
WR Jontavious Carter (3/10/11)
WR D'Mauri Jones (6/2/11)
OL Taylor Gadbois (9/7/11)
DT Jacoby Briscoe (1/6/12)
DE Jalen Grimble (2/2/11)
DE Dwayne Hoilett (6/16/11)
DE Jake O'Donnell (6/12/11)
DE Gabriel Terry (11/24/11)
LB Jawand Blue (2/1/12)
CB Nate Dortch (8/2/11)
CB Larry Hope (6/3/11)

Out for the year with injury (2)
QB David Thompson (2/17/11)
WR Malcolm Lewis (11/17/11)

Starters (18)
QB Stephen Morris (8/3/09) 
RB Duke Johnson (9/20/10) 
RB Mike James (6/28/08) 
FB Maurice Hagens (6/14/09) 
WR Phillip Dorsett (6/19/10) 
WR Allen Hurns (12/2009) 
LT Malcolm Bunche (9/8/09) 
LG Jonathan Feliciano (4/8/09) 
C Shane McDermott (3/10/09) 
RG Brandon Linder (12/20/09) 
RT Seantrel Henderson (2/3/10) 
TE Clive Walford (7/20/09) 
DE Shayon Green (1/25/09) 
DE Anthony Chickillo (9/9/10) 
LB Jimmy Gaines (1/24/10) 
CB Brandon McGee (8/11/08) 
S Kacy Rodgers (7/20/09) 
K Jake Wieclaw (12/16/07)

Backups (10)
RB Eduardo Clements (11/3/09)
WR Davon Johnson (7/17/07)
WR Kendall Thompkins (11/08/07)
TE Dyron Dye (1/4/09)
TE Asante Cleveland (2/3/10)
C Jared Wheeler (1/10/09)
LG Jeremy Lewis (4/9/07)
LB Tyrone Cornelius (8/18/09)
S AJ Highsmith (2/19/08)
S Vaughn Telemaque (2/1/08)

Scout team (4)
TE David Perry (10/23/09)
TE Cory White (5/14/08)
DT Curtis Porter (7/29/08)
DT Luther Robinson (4/29/08)

Shannon recruits Injured and out for the season (2)
LB Ramon Buchanan (2/6/08)
OT Ben Jones (2/6/08)  

Shannon recruits that left the program under Golden (15)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong (1/4/09)
OL Jermaine Barton (12/20/09)
LB Kelvin Cain (1/8/10)
RB Darion Hall (6/10/09)
RB Storm Johnson (11/1/09)
DT Jeffery Brown (2/1/2010) - Charged with rape
DB Devont'a Davis (10/7/09)
LB Travis Williams (10/20/09)
DB Jamal Reid (9/25/08)
LB Kevin Nelson (7/4/09)
DB Keion Payne (11/8/09) - Dismissed for violating team rules
TE Andrew Tallman (9/20/09)
TE Billy Sanders (2/4/09)
FB CJ Holton (12/22/07)
WR Aldarius Johnson (7/23/07)

Recruits that didn't make it into school under Golden (3)
RB Kevin Grooms (1/17/11)
WR Angelo Jean-Louis (4/30/11)
LB Antonio Kinard (1/17/11)

Golden recruits whose career was cut short by injury
LB Josh Witt (7/1/11)

Golden recruits that left the program (1)
DB Vernon Davis (6/12/11)

Shannon recruits that Golden stopped recruiting and never signed (2)
WR Jeremy Davis (2010 -- now at UCF)
LB Nick Menocal (2010 -- now at Georgia Tech)

Shannon recruits that never made it into UM (8)
DT Tavadis Glenn (4/18/09)
DT Delmar Taylor (1/12/10)
DB Prince Kent (7/21/08)
LB Zach Kane (12/4/07)
LB Brandon Marti (11/24/07)
DB CJ Odom (10/9/07)
LB Antonio Harper (10/3/07)

Recruits that transferred out under Shannon (6)
DB Latwan Anderson (3/10/10)
LB Arthur Brown (12/17/07)
WR Thearon Collier (6/6/07)
QB Taylor Cook (5/9/07)
QB Cannon Smith (11/6/07)
DB Joe Wylie (4/2/07)

Career cut short by Injury under Shannon (2)
TE Stephen Plein (6/19/08)
LB Gavin Hardin (2/5/08)

Shannon recruits graduated and now gone (10)
TE Chase Ford (12/8/09)
WR Travis Benjamin (12/21/07)
WR LaRon Byrd (2/5/08)
FB John Calhoun (12/5/07)
LB Jordan Futch (6/6/07)
DT Micanor Regis (3/28/07)
LB Marcus Robinson (7/15/07)
DE Andrew Smith (9/26/07)
QB Jacory Harris (6/12/07)
LB Sean Spence (8/4/07)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under Golden (5)
RB Lamar Miller (10/7/08)
DE Olivier Vernon (3/2/08)
OL Brandon Washington (9/25/08)
DT Marcus Forston (7/26/07)
WR Tommy Streeter (2008)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under his watch (1)
CB Brandon Harris (2/6/08)