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UM releases statement on baseball strength coach Jimmy Goins

Unless you've been sleeping for three days you know by now a new scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs and a long list of major league baseball players and a Miami clinic has been in the news.

The Miami New Times released a report of a lengthy three-month investigation Tuesday morning and listed among the names of clients who allegedly purchased PEDs from this clinic is longtime University of Miami baseball and track and field strength and conditioning coach Jimmy Goins.

Goins, who has been at UM for the last nine years, is recorded in multiple client lists according to Tuesday's New Times story. "In one detailed page dated December 14, 2011, [Biogenesis owner Tony] Bosch writes he's selling [Goins] Anavar, testosterone, and a Winstrol/B-12 mix and charging him $400 a month," the story said. "Another [report] from this past December includes sales of HGH and testosterone."

It's not clear in the report how Goins was involved. But former UM players Cesar Carrillo and Yasmani Grandal and former South Florida baseball stars Alex Rodriguez and Gio Gonzalez are also mentioned. It's inferred Goins may have been supplying players with PEDs. It's not clear if it is current or former players. UM isn't commenting on anything right now. The feds are investigating. 

But Goins, who was listed on UM's baseball roster as of Tuesday morning, is no longer listed there. A source said he Goins was not at practice today and he'll likely be suspended pending further investigation. Here is a link to Goins' UM profile.

UM released the follow statement to The Miami Herald this afternoon: “The University of Miami is aware of media reports regarding one of our employees and an intensive review is underway. We will not comment further on personnel matters."

Stay tuned for more on this story.