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Kirkland drama continues; family to meet with UM coaches at 3 p.m.

Been a crazy 72 hours to say the least. But this is what recruiting is all about.

According to Shanton Crummie, the stepfather of Booker T. Washington All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, UM coaches have agreed to meet with the 6-5, 330-pound senior and his family at 3 p.m. to discuss the situation and see if a resolution can be reached.

Canesport.com first reported the meeting.

"We're just going to go down there as a family, me, his mom and Denver and talk things through," Crummie said.

Crummie told Brandon Odoi of CanesInsider earlier this morning UM coaches reached out to him Friday to discuss the situation and after taking time Kirkland told them he was moving on and choosing between Arkansas and Florida State.

UM coaches then reached back out to Crummie this morning -- he said assistant Micheal Barrow called him around 11 a.m. -- to see if Kirkland was willing to come in for a meeting. The family agreed.

FYI, Crummie, a local youth football coach in Overtown, is a huge UM fan and told Kirkland UM is the best situation for him. Kirkland had UM as his leader according to Booker T. coaches until the Hurricanes pulled the scholarship from him Thursday after the team's state championship parade citing limited number of scholarships. 

Recruiting is a crazy game. Stay tuned.