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Terry's career finished with the Canes; Golden mum on transfer rumors

UM coach Al Golden made it pretty clear Thursday -- freshman linebacker Gabe Terry is no longer a Hurricane and won't be again.

"Gabe was suspended before the incident and we didn't take him to the spring game. Gabe is no longer with our football team," Golden said. "It's done. Again, I apologize. I don't know what [information] was released on our end, but he's no longer with the team. He was suspended before the incident. We've separated and moved in another direction."

Terry, arrested last Friday morning after being found by police face down on the steps near his dorm with 26.8 grams of marijuana, had been suspended indefinitely according to UM's sports information department before Thursday. But it's official now -- Terry is the fourth defensive player (Eddie Johnson, Gionni Paul, Thomas Finnie) to be booted from the team since the end of last season. Golden said he handles all disciplinary issues the same.

"It's certainly case by case and it certainly has to do with the resume of the young man in terms of whether or not there were any incidents in his career here and whether or not he does all the things we ask him to do here," Golden explained.

In other news:

> Golden expects to have everybody on the roster healthy and back by Aug. 1 with the exception of defensive end Dyron Dye. "But it sounds like Dyron will have a chance to be back during training camp, which is great," Golden said.

> Golden described the situation with senior running back Eduardo Clements, who told The Miami Herald last month he was definitely coming back this fall, as "still a little tenuous."

"I know he's anxious to come back. All indications are he will be cleared," Golden said. "But in terms of the medical aspects of that I have to make sure I'm careful with that and don't overstep my bounds."

> As far as the backup running back situation is concerned, Golden said: "I was pleased with Dallas Crawford. He had a really good spring, certainly showed his interchangeable and can do a lot of things with the football... Danny Dillard made a lot progress. Gus Edwards is a big back coming in. The eight ball, the guy who threw us the curve was Mo Hagens. Mo really grew as a ballcarrier."

> Although there are rumors out there receiver Robert Lockhart may be interested in transferring, Golden said it's premature to address those because players are still taking exams and the semester hasn't ended.

"It would be premature for me to say that or speculate on that when nothing is definitive," Golden said. "It's probably prudent for me to wait until we're finished with [spring] exams and then make a release. Obviously every year at this time there are kids for a variety of reasons -- to go home, play earlier, seek transfer. The best thing for us to do is let it play out and then release it all on one day."

> Despite the loss of three linebackers from the end of last season, Golden said he's confident there is enough depth at the position and raved about the growth of freshman Alex Figueroa.

"I just kept waiting for him to hit a wall and he never did," Golden said of Figueroa. "He's a mature kid. His parents are marines. Very disciplined young man, very tough. He comes to us 6-3 and 230, very strong, physical, smart, explosive. You're talking about when this guy is all said and done he's going be 250, running and a smart player. We're excited about his progress. He's kind of thrown away the freshman tag because he doesn't act like it at all. He's started from the first practice to the last and did the same in the off-season program with his conditioning. He's on a mission right now. We're going to continue to let him grow and do his thing. "

> As for his team's new punter Pat O'Donnell, Golden said: "Pat is going to give us a great opportunity and really the experience we need, the veteran player we need," he said. "I'm excited about [Matt] Goudis. He did a lot of good things this spring to take that next step. We're going to supplement Pat with a lot of eager walk-ons that want to come in and earn a scholarship. Pat kind of bridges that gap. O'Donnell definitely gives us an opportunity to be steady because we were really steady there there the last two years."