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Florida Bar contacts NCAA regarding Shapiro's lawyer's tactics during UM case

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Florida Bar's Grievance Committee has contacted the NCAA in regards to Nevin Shapiro's attorney Maria Elena Perez and the subpoena power she abused to help college sports' governing body interview key witnesses during its 23-month investigation into the University of Miami, a source has confirmed.

The Grievance Committee is trying to determine whether there is enough evidence to move forward against Perez and if she should be disciplined, the source said. 

The complaint was first filed back in January and the entire process -- from Bar investigation, Grievance Committee investigation, and finding, filing of formal complaint and disciplined ordered -- can take up to a year.

Perez was paid $19,000 for her services by the NCAA in what was ruled to be an improper relationship according to an external review committee hired by the NCAA back in January. The committee decided to toss out about 20 percent of the enforcement staff's case against Miami and other parties involved because the information was improperly obtained by Perez and the NCAA enforcement staff.

If probable cause is found by the Grievance Committee, a formal complaint could be filed against Perez in state supreme court.