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Monday Canes Camp Update: Gus Edwards, depth chart, no red (other than QBs) or yellow jerseys

With only Tuesday left of fall camp, the time is narrowing for players to win starting spots.

But there's still time, Golden said Monday, when his players moved to Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park (that's the baseball field) to practice while the turf at Greentree gets repaired. 

He said that after Tuesday there's "another 10 day of preparation where a lot of those jobs are going to will be determined."

The players will have off Wednesday and then begin working on the FAU opener.

Golden said there’s a depth chart we’ll break camp with and then probably 50 percent of jobs “will be settled in those next six or seven practices.’’

The last depth chart was released Aug. 9.

When asked if there were any jobs solidifed, Golden didn't give specific names.

"There are a lot on the defensive line right now, a lot in the secondary, a lot at wideout.

"I’m concerned about our depth at wideout,'' he continued. "We’re not deep in terms of our scholarship numbers. If we get nicked up like we have been in the last couple days, I’m worried there.''

   He mentioned the tight ends as a position still battling to find the starter.  

Golden said receiver Allen Hurns "has been nicked up,'' Malcolm Lewis (foot) "is fighting back'' and Rashawn Scott (he mentioned foot previously) has been in and out.

All three of those players practiced Monday, and no one was wearing a yellow (limited) or red jersey, signifying no contact. Quarterbacks always wear a red jersey, however, to remind players they can't be touched. 

*** Freshman running back Gus Edwards, who has sat out the past several days dealing with an NCAA Eligibility Center issue, "will be ready to go tomorrow,'' Golden said, confirming a previous CaneSport report. 

*** Regarding Friday night's scrimmage, Golden chose not to be specific, calling it "a good run."

   "Guys played hard,'' the coach said. "We had a lot of guys making effort plays. They took it seriously. We really conducted it like a game. We slowed it down'' -- with TV timeouts and a halftime. It's a mature team and I've been saying it all along, so hopefully they can keep their focus."

*** The Canes have have been punished with some running before practice lately: "If you didn't give the type of effort that's the standard on offense and defense here -- certainly the standard of the Shayon Greens and the Jimmy Gaineses and the Jon Felicianos, you're going to run,'' Golden said. "Period. You can run during the game and give 100 percent or you can have loaf plays and run on your time. that's the standard the guys want and we're going to hold them to it."

*** Golden was asked about the status of Dyron Dye, still waiting for indication from the NCAA if he can play or not in relation to the NCAA case with Miami. Dye, who has been rehabbing from Achilles' tendon surgery, told his lawyer he was getting a physical today to see if he could be cleared to practice. He hasn't practiced with the team this fall.

"I don't have an update,'' Golden said. "I wish I did." Golden did say he hoped he was getting the physical and that he would still be a defensive end -- "like Shayon Green's position.''

*** Finally, sophomore safety Deon Bush (hernia surgery) is out of a non-contact jersey and in a regular green one.

"I think he progressed well,'' Golden said. "I'm excited for him. Hopefully today he is a step [closer] and he'll keep making progress in that arena. A lot of it is confidence and understanding he's not going to be 100 percent anytime soon, but the only way to get there is to make increments every day."