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BREAKING NEWS: WQAM reports 3 lost scholarships per year for 3 years, no bowl bans (updated)

The results are in and it looks good for the Hurricanes.

WQAM show host Joe Rose announced earlier today on his morning show the Hurricanes will only be losing nine scholarships total (three over three years) and there will be no further post-season bans.

If true, that's obviously a huge victory for UM and a happy ending to the three-year ordeal. Well, maybe a happy ending for everyone but Nevin Shapiro.

WQAM is the Miami Hurricanes' flagship station. 

Our Michelle Kaufman reported former UM basketball coach Frank Haith (now at Missouri) will receive a five-game suspension. Former football assistant coaches Clint Hurtt (Louisville), Aubrey Hill (Carol City High) and basketball coach Jorge Fernandez have been hit with a 2-year show cause penalty, which means they will not be able to coach at the college level for two years.

Miami's basketball program, meanwhile, will lose 2-3 scholarships total.

The NCAA will make its sanctions public to the media at 10 a.m and then the head of the Committee on Infractions will speak with reporters at 11 a.m.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.