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Day 3: Fifteen minutes of Hurricanes football viewing in the books

So, our 15 minutes of viewing is over, with the same two players -- safeties Jaquan Johnson and Ryan Mayes -- in red jerseys normally reserved for players with injuries.

We saw some early stretching -- that's about it.

After two days in just shorts and tops, on Saturday the guys donned shoulder pads for the first time. Golden said Friday that full contact would come on Day 5 or 6, before a scrimmage, followed by starting over and repeating the same pattern.

Offensive line coach Art Kehoe, as is always the case, has been shuffling linemen in and out of different positions. I've seen 6-5, 318-pound sophomore Trevor Darling and 6-6, 315-pound sophomore Kc McDermott at first-team left tackle. I've seen 6-8, 322-pound redshirt sophomore Sunny Odogwu at first-team right tackle and 6-4, 327-pound freshman Jahair Jones behind him on the right side. First-team center is usually 6-3, 300-pound sophomore Nick Linder. with 6-6, 300-pound Hunter Knighton practicing at center as well. 

First-team right guard is Danny Isidora, though offensive coordinator James Coley told me Isidora would also sometimes practice at right tackle. Left guard is alternated by 6-5, 310-pound junior Alex Gall and 6-6, 316-pound redshirt-senior Hunter Wells.

Here are a few pictures I took today.


Day 3 of Canes football commences.



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A coach and his drone.

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The guys and their drone.