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First 15 minutes of Day 1 of 2015 Miami Hurricanes fall camp in the books

Fifteen minutes, nice to have known you!

The Hurricanes got going for Day 1 of Fall camp in their nifty, new Adidas practice uniforms and the enthusiasm usually exhibited at this point -- 85 degrees or not (Hey, that's cool for this time of year).

Everyone was out there, as far as we're told, so that's the first good news.

*** Offensive tackle Kc McDermott, who will be playing this season for the first time since knee surgery to repair a torn MCL in his left knee, looks large and fit. He wants that left tackle spot. He's listed as 6-6 and 315 pounds.


*** Newest scholarship quarterback Evan Shirreffs, who is wearing jersey No. 16 (along with punter Justin Vogel -- hey, there's no punting competition storyline this camp), looks mighty lean. He's listed as 6-5 and 195.

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Here are some photos I took during our 15 minutes... We'll get some players after practice.

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That's fullback Walter Tucker (above)

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Check out those adidas unis -- and some of the linemen. That's Jelani Hamilton with the leggings -- No. 99.

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From left to right, some new faces, some old faces: O-linemen freshman Thomas Lehto ,(6-5, 245), freshman Bar Milo (6-6, 285), freshman Jahair Jones (6-4, 327), Sophomore Trevor Darling (6-5, 318).

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Team huddle and cheer time. Do you notice who is in the foreground watching this all? That's former Canes center Joel Rodriguez, who is the new director of player development

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More O-line drills...

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The practice fields, complete with lights, look really nice...

 We'll be back later...