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Will backup Miami QB possibly see playing time against FAMU? Mark Richt respects opponents too much to answer.

Don’t expect Mark Richt to say he wants to see certain players get experience against a team like, say, FAMU on opening night Sept. 3. On Friday, he made it clear that he’s not that type of coach.

   Some quick hits from Richt after today’s practice:

   ***“Would you like to see perhaps at least one of the backup quarterbacks get playing time if you have a good enough lead?’’

    “I’ll never answer that question,’’ Richt said twice. “I have total respect for our opponent, and our goal is to try and win it. If anybody on the whole team – if a second-teamer at any position earns it, he’ll play. Whether or not he goes in will be decided on how the game goes.’’

***So, with that now known, has he gained any clarity about the backup situation?

     “I’m just observing,’’ he said. “There’s no rush to decide.’’ He said Malik Rosier and Vincent Testaverde “are getting the reps. As we get close enough, we’ll let them know.’’

*** Richt, on his philosophy on redshirting: “I go as far as we can go. I think it’s Game 5 or 6 or something. After a certain game, it’s 100-percent done. I want everybody to not think they’re being redshirted until we get to that point, because Game 3, you might have two guys hurt in front of you, and guess what? You’re in the game. For that matter, you can be thinking you’re redshirting and all of a sudden in Game 9, you get two guys hurt in front of you and you’re in the game. You need to try to keep a mentality.

    “I don’t like to tell them they’re being redshirted. And if I do, if I said, ‘The plan is to redshirt you,’’ the plan also has to be to stay ready, which is hard to do.’’

*** Richt said the team will “go in just helmets’’ for Saturday’s practice. “We’ll still have the lower [pads] that you’d have for shell days. Then Sunday, we’re going to be in a normal week.’’

***Finally, when asked if he anticipates any further suspensions, Richt said, "I'll tell you all if I want to tell you all about that. I'm not going to give any information about that.''