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Grilled Cheese Happy Hour misses the mark at South Beach Wine & Food Festival


Insufficient food, poor organization and some misinformation made the Grilled Cheese Happy Hour hosted by Ms. Cheezious and Laura Werlin a disappointment at the 2016 South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Our grade: D.

What worked: The location was incredible. The third-floor wraparound patio of Cibo Wine Bar in South Beach provided guests the option to sit in plush booths, comfortable tables, high tops or standalone chairs and watch the sun set over Miami Beach with ideal weather.

What didn't work: A lot. An hour into the event, I had only had sampled one grilled cheese after aggressively following (chasing) a server. The event appeared to be poorly organized, and there was clearly not enough food for the sold-out crowd, even for a small-plates affair. Plate presentation did not tempt guests to pull out their phones and snap photos. One server said a grilled cheese featured guacamole, and another said the same green spread was pesto.

Best thing we ate: Grilled cheese with goat cheese, bacon, and guacamole (pesto?). After sampling a few grilled cheeses, none stood out as being impressive.

Quote of the night: "I didn't expect there to be more wine than grilled cheese!" (overheard in the elevator).

Craziest thing we saw: Guests so desperate for food (and visibly irritated) they practically stalked servers so ferociously that trays of grilled cheese never made it out of the kitchen prep station.

By Alex Beck | acb10d@gmail.com



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