About Fred Tasker

Fred Tasker's life quest is to taste a glass of wine from every state, region, country in which it is made. It has taken him through the vineyards of California, Washington, New York, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, even Uzbekistan, where it's so cold they cut down the vines after the harvest, cover them with rocks and start over every spring. To wine-judging competitions in California, Texas, New York and Italy where you can taste 150 wines in a day if your palate holds up. In his day job, Fred has written about the City of Miami, Metro Government, aviation, business, urban affairs, religion, medicine and yes, food and wine. His lament: So many wines, so little time. He takes comfort in the words of Robert Browning: îîAh, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?''

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