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Vacation Quandary

   Blogger Cali Yost wonders why people don't use their vacation time. A new poll conducted for an organization called Take Back Your Time found that “69% of Americans support a paid vacation law with a large percentage favoring a law guaranteeing three weeks vacation or more.”  The poll also found that “among Americans, 28% took no vacation time at all last year and half took a week or less.

Cali notes these three trends:

1) People don’t get paid vacation (according to 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics, that represented about 25% of workers)

2) People don’t take the vacation they have (according to a 2006 Steelcase study 61% of employees took their allocated vacation)

3) People take vacation but work while they are on it (in 2006, 55% of men and 43% of women took work on vacation)

I think Cali has a good point when she says: "if you wait for a “good” time to take vacation, it never seems to come.  You just have to schedule it." As I head out on vacation, I'm overwhelmed with all the work it takes to take a break from work. I'm told that's a major reason some people opt not to take vacation.

One executive I spoke with had an interesting vacation approach. He vacations on the west coast where it's three hours behind. He wakes up early. Puts in a full day, and still can be done by 2 p.m. west coast time, which is (5 p.m.) east coast time. He has all afternoon for fun.

Why do you think people don't take their vacation days? Any tips or strategies to share for dealing with the vacation quandary.