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Why are we afraid to take a day off?

     Here I am working on Presidents Day and like most working parents, I'm afraid to take the day off.  In the grocery store, on the soccer field, in the company lunch room....most of the conversation I have with other moms and dads reflect their fear. Working parents are fearful of losing jobs, homes,  businesses, savings.

     The economic fallout has created a fear that is disrupting the fragile balance of work and family. In the past, maybe you would have taken off on President's Day to spend time with your kids who are off school. But even working parents I know who have their own businesses are afraid to take a day off. I have spoken with moms who are cutting back on maternity leaves, working longer hours, missing class parties and rearranging how they juggle family and work.

     Today, employers and clients have the advantage. It's why working parents feel real and not-so-real pressure to show their value and avoid getting laid off. The Working Dad blog drew comment from a father who is afraid to take vacation.

     I'm starting to wonder how this fear will affect family life. Will it play into the future family size as suggested on the Career and Kids blog? Will it force kids to be more independent or act out? Will if force us to be more creative in creating more quality time with our families?