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Success begins with a plan

Want success in the new year? Want to improve your work or home life?

Pick one resolution and convert it into a plan for the entire year, says columnist Jack Hardy, who writes on Bootstrap Marketing. Recognize the risk, cost and effort required. Now, make yourself accountable to someone for seeing the plan to fruition. I think the last piece, the accountability thing, is most important. Successful entrepreneurs often pay business coaches to help them come up with goals and then report their progress. Who can be the person in your life to hold you accountable this year? Your spouse, boss, business partner, a trusted friend, co-worker?

Recently, when I interviewed business coach Alicia Marie Fruin of Profit Consulting, she mentioned that a big part of her job is holding her clients accountable for goals they set. It's why many of her clients discover what's holding them back from reaching their goals in work and life. I really believe if you want your goal for 2010 to happen, you need someone to question you when you fall short or to help prevent you from doing so. Some small business owners have turned to online coaches or joined small business forums to find someone to hold them accountable.

This year, my plan is to make use of more technology in my business and make learning about new technology a habit. Let's face it, by mid-year, my determination may weaken. I'm counting on a trusted friend to hold me accountable and in return I will hold her accountable for her goal. As part of our plan, we are going to have monthly check ins. 

Remember, almost 97 percent of New Year's resolutions are never fulfilled. This year, success is too important to be left to chance! Who will hold you accountable on your path to success?