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Recruiters want to see candidates with work life balance

My husband puts in long hours at the office. On the weekends, he plays basketball with a bunch of guys. He's been doing this for years. Not only is it good exercise, but he's made some amazing work connections. I There are so many examples of why having an outside life makes someone a better employee. But did you realize it could affect you in the job search process. 

Recruiter Tim Tolan of Sanford Rose Associates says he has interviewed candidates who noticeably had no work life balance. And, it's a big strike against them.

On his blog, Fistful of Talent, Tolan writes: It's usually during the offer phase when we discuss the financial impact of leaving their current job and having the new employer (my client) push out their start date. I'm always a little worried (OK floored) when they say "No problem, with the delayed start date. I rarely take vacation days and the company owes me for 6 weeks of accrued PTO." WOW! WHAT?! HUH?

Another question that also raises my eyebrows early in the process (and causes some concern) is when you ask a candidate what they do for fun when they are not at work and they reply "I just like to work". Oh no. Unimpressed. OR, " I work 60-70 hours a week. Sorry. Still not impressed. All work - no play. Sad.

Burn-outis a real dilemma for employees and for their company. Tolan says he applauds companies that force employees to take time off and use their PTO. "I encourage managers/executives to get calendars each quarter from their employees to ensure they have a plan to take time off. While it helps to make sure you have enough staff on site during certain weeks or for company deadlines, it also tells the story as to who has good work-life-balance."

Tolan adds: "In case you don't get it, NOBODY CARES that all you do is work. In fact, it could raise a big red flag to some potential employers who might decide to "pass" on candidates who don't have the right work-life balance. " 

Did you ever stop to think how work life balance might affect your job hunt? Did you ever think that putting in too much time at the office could hurt your chances of getting another job?