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The Evening Shift

My guest blogger today is someone I admire for her parenting and social media skills. Angie Henderson Moncada is a writer, wife and mom as well as managing director of strategy/pr at (add)ventures and a professor at Miami International University of Art & Design.  She is currently working on a social memoir, Becoming Mrs. Moncada, and writes regularly as @angiemoncada on Twitter and on her blog, The Virtual Watercooler.  

Below is Angie's take on how most of us squeeze as much as we can into a day -- and night. Can any of you parents relate? I sure can.



At 5:00 the clock watching begins. If I don’t shut down and pack up by 5:17, it will be “You’re late again,” along with my kiss when I pick up my son from school.


By six we’re nearly home, and I’ve long since adjusted my mirror to watch his face as I watch the road as I check my phone for emails at red lights and we talk about his day.


We cook.  We eat.  Dishes are washed. Cars are vroomed across the living room tile. Then it is time for the bath and our hours have been used up again already. I drag out story time most of the time, hoping for a few more minutes to cuddle until he sleeps.


When he does it’s back downstairs to log on, log in, update, plan, write. Sometimes instead I teach, I network, or, if I’m lucky, I leave the laptop in my bag and squeeze in face to face on the couch with the man I love.


We head to bed when it's already tomorrow, then I can’t help but get up again. Yes, inspiration strikes at odd hours on the evening shift at home.