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Susan Taylor warns women to put themselves first



Susan taylor (Susan L. Taylor)
I felt fortunate today to hear Susan L.Taylor, editor-in-chief emeritus of Essence Magazine, deliver her message to the crowd of more than 200 women at The Commonwealth Institute's Leadership Luncheon in Miami. She mostly taught us how to avoid feeling stressed by revealing her secret weapon.

Taylor told us her impressive story of being a single mother at a young age and landing a job at Essence without a high school diploma. After 37 years at the magazine, she now has devoted herself to recruiting mentors for young people. But she says to deliver on a commitment to mentor or carry out a job with integrity, you have to be committed to taking time out for yourself.

 "Put you on your schedule,"Taylor says. She believes we should make 10 minutes each morning for quiet time with ourselves -- whether it is sitting in a bathtub, lying in bed or talking a walk. Doing that, she says, will help us make better decision, treat people better and open our mind to new ideas. "You have to walk out of your house thinking life is on your side."

Have you recently snapped at work or home in a scenario you later regretted? Would you have handled it differently if you had started your day with a personal time out?