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Unlimited vacation is a scam

Have you noticed that the more vacation time a company gives, the less likely you are able to take it? And, have you heard about the trend toward open-ended time off, also known as unlimited vacation? 

It's the latest corporate scam.

Maybe that's a strong word but it's reality. This week's Work & Family column in the Wall Street Journal is about the trend. The article mentions that employees are deciding how much time they dare take off as peak summer vacation season approaches.

In workplaces that have this policy, all that the workers have to do is get time off approved and make sure things go smoothely in their absence. But workers are complaining that the lack of guidelines fuels a tendancy to work all the time. We all know that American have trouble taking time off -- tons of surveys show that U.S. workers leave vacation time on the table every year. Most of the time, people feel guilty or intimated taking their vacation because they're so darn busy and pressure is high to be productive.

Even more, we all know in today's workplaces it's almost impossible to take off more than two weeks in a row. So while unlimited vacation sounds good on paper, that's likely where it will stay. Jason Evanish of Boston told the Journal he had unlimited vacation time at a previous employer "It was really hard to walk away because staffing was so lean." He said even when he took vacation he was stressed about what he'd come back to at the office.

Readers, what do you think of this trend? Is it a scam?