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June 08, 2012

Summer is here and working parents are panicked

I survived another school year!! Wahoo!

The last few weeks of the school year seemed like an endurance test. Between awards ceremonies, graduation parties and buying teacher gifts, it took all my balancing skills to juggle my workload and home responsibilities.

Now, I'm beat and the next work life balance challenge awaits.

Inevitably this time of year, the conversation among working parents is "What are your kids doing this summer?"

For moms like me, who only have it partially figured out, the question can incite a mild panic attack.

Summer typically is the most challenging and expensive time of year for parents who need child care Summercamp
coverage to match their work hours. One smart Miami mom whose tapped into parental panic is Karen Meister. She runs Camp Experts & Teen Summers. I've used Karen to help me cut through the summer camp clutter and figure out which one best suits my kid. Karen doesn't charge parents. She gets paid by the camps.

If you're in panic mode, there are other places to turn to as well.

*Your city's parks and recreation department is a place to start for free camps.

* MomsMiami has a great summer survival guide and most big cities have similar mom sites that offer guides as well. There are national camp search guides at go camp and

* Check out museums. Not only do they have great summer camp programs, they offer volunteer opportunities for teens.

* Consider online courses. High school students in Florida must take an online course to graduate. I'm having my son take a course on Florida Virtual School over the summer. There are courses for kids in K-12.

* Bringing your child to work may be an option if they are old enough to be helpful. Don't be afraid to ask. All your boss can do is say no.

* If your company has a flex policy, now may be the time to use it. According to Office Team, Seventy-five percent of human resources managers said their company offers flexible schedules during the summer.

* If you have a teen, some employers are hiring. A new jobs report says summer jobs for teens has soared to its highest level in six years. Encourage your child to get out there and job hunt.

Good luck working parents!