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How a new mother finds sanity

I remember getting home with my newborn daughter and wondering why she cried so much. I even called the hospital and asked the nurse who had helped deliver her what I should do to stop the crying. I had been used to handling all kinds of workplace dilemmas, but this little baby had me in a state of hysteria.

A friend of mine, a business owner, had a completely different newborn experience. She hired a baby nurse – an amazing benefit for those who can afford it. It made her transition into motherhood much easier and allow her to get back on her feet and enjoy motherhood while keeping her business afloat.

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Today, my guest blogger is Jacque Scherfer, Vice President of Best Care, a South Florida home-healthcare provider.

Jacque is a Registered Nurse with a Baccalaureate in Nursing and has worked in various aspects of nursing and management. She shares some insight into what to look for in a baby nurse and how to make the most out of the experience.




Hiring a baby nurse is an option for parents who need that extra little bit of help and guidance when they bring their new bundle of joy (or joys) home for the first time.  While for many, the “mama bear” instinct immediately kicks in, other parents may just need some extra help from a professional to launch them into their parental routine.


An experienced baby nurse is not just a nanny for hire. The baby nurse usually helps out during the first few weeks of the baby’s life. Her primarily goal is to help care for the newborn and to teach new parents how to feed, bathe, wrap and attend to all of their newborn’s needs.  The nurse can assist in prepping the baby for breastfeeding and then also bottle feed the baby during the late-night and wee hours, so the parents can get their rest and sleep through the night. 

A baby nurse also is especially helpful for parents who have other children to care for, for households where both parents work and even where one parent travels or works during the night.  We also must not forget the unique challenge of caring for newborn twins, triplets, or other multiple-births, where an extra set of hands is always a welcome pleasure.

One of the biggest benefits is having the nurse help with the day-to-day routine of caring for a newborn also allows the mom to get the rest she needs to speed up her recovery time so she can take care of the child much sooner on her own.

If possible, the process of finding a baby nurse should begin before the baby is born.  It is important for parents to meet and interview candidates prior to hiring them, so they are confident and comfortable with the person who is living in their home and caring for their newborn child. 

But a baby nurse can help mom, too, especially one who is recovering from a c-section or other tough delivery.  The nurse or aide can assist by helping the mom walk, changing her bandages and providing any additional care that she needs during her recovery.

A common question: What is the average length of time people hire a baby nurse ?

The average amount of time varies from  1 to 2 weeks, a few weeks to a couple of months, then at that point they are done and baby and parents have a schedule formed or parents are looking for long term child care in the form of a nanny. 

New mothers also want to know what they should expect to pay for a baby nurse and whether the rates are daily or weekly.

It depends on what the new parent is looking for. A few hours a day can be a few hundred dollars, but then again they may ask for someone to live in weekly which could be over a thousand dollars a week. For specifics they should call the home care provider for more details. Services can be hourly or daily.

Another common question: Are agencies the best way to find a baby nurse?

Yes, a home health care company is the best place to look for a caregiver because of the level of requirements and background checks that are required.  A licensed home care provider like a Nurse registry or home health company are the best way. At Best Care, we provide parents with credentialed, licensed and insured nurses and nurse’s aides who are highly trained and CPR certified.  They typically provide 24-hour care and assist parents in every aspect of newborn care.  All of our nurses have medical backgrounds, level 2 background checks, drug screenings and are prepared to step in wherever needed.  

There are independent baby nurses but when hiring someone independent, you run the risk of who are you getting.  Are they properly licensed and trained? Do they have a criminal background? Only licensed providers can give you independent verified answers to these questions.