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Your guide to becoming impressive

Promote yourselfI don't want to Dan Schawbel to get a big head but I am willing to give him a little ego stroke -- he sure knows how to promote himself. Dan, a millennial who has become an expert in personal branding, has an effective way of reaching out to the media and promoting his latest endeavor. This time, his new accomplishment is a book called, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success.

Dan aims his book at young workers who want to get ahead in their current jobs. I picked up all kinds of smart strategies from the book and I want to share them with all of you. I think they apply regardless of what generation you belong to or where you work. Remember, when you're struggling for work life balance, there are small moves you can do each day to make you shine.

Here it is, your guide to being impressive:

* Become indispensable at work. Learn as much as you can about the place where you work or industry you are in and then become an expert at something. 

* Know how to navigate your way through a changing economy. That means being able to work with people from different generations, having lots of connections, taking your career into your own hands and understanding that all it takes is one person to change your life for the better.

* Know what skills are important to move up and most in demand, and go get them.

* Sharpen your writing, listening and presenting skills. (observe others who you think do this well)

* Dress for success. Forty-one percent of employers say that people who dress better are more likley to get promoted.

*Build your online brand. Do this proactively by making deliberate postings that position you the way you want to be seen. You need to stay top of mind and continually remind poeple that you're out there and doing great work.

* Make others look good -- especially your manager. Take credit for what you do, but give plenty of credit to others who are doing great things.

* Have an amazing network at work and beyond. Be genuinely interested in others and use your current connections to help you expand your social network. 

* Be a person with outside interests. By being well rounded, you have more to talk about, more opportunities to make connections and a bigger platform to increase your visibility.

* Don't be afraid of lateral moves. Look for places within your company where you can really add value and offer up new ideas.

* Be a person who tries new things. Spend time outside your comfort zone. 

*Do one thing every day that will advance you.

Once you become impressive, Dan feels promoting yourself effectively is absolutely essential to career success. He believes self-promotion is a subtle art and the most succesful people master it. Do you agree or do you see self-promotion as obnoxious?