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Work Life Balance Is Important, So Is Staying Current


This morning, I was walking with my neighbor and she announced she was super stressed. She explained that she already has a giant workload and she's just been asked to take on a new project. The solution seems simple to me as someone who has been writing about work life balance for more than a decade.

"Tell whoever wants you to take on the project that you have too much on your plate right now to be successful in adding another responsibility," I told her. "No matter what argument you get in response, repeat that you have too much on your plate already. 

For the rest of the walk, she repeatedly said, "I have too much on my plate already" practicing her new response. 

It's not easy to say no. It's not easy to keep from feeling overwhelmed. It's not easy to navigating how to have a career and a successful home life.

But I see another challenge ahead that might be equally as pressing: staying current in your field and in life. Keeping up to date on trends and emerging technology will be critical to being successful in the next few years.  

The biggest barrier to doing the work to stay relevant is often the feeling that you don't have time to fit in professional development. But you HAVE to if you want to stay employable and advance in your field.

Don't worry, I have your back. I have launched a new blog to keep you up to date with what you need to know to stay at the top of your game.

My new blog is called: CindyKeepsUp.com. So, keep up with me and let me hear from you!


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