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Maryland LB prospect Jenkins 'top one percent of one percent'

Another recruiting spotlight today...

GAINESVILLE -- When Urban Meyer took over as head coach of the Florida Gators, he told fans that it was his goal to recruit the nation's best of the best. On and off the field, "the top one percent of one percent," Meyer said. 

Naturally, the "top one percent of one percent" is hard to come by. There is a high school linebacker in Maryland who some believe has the potential to one day be mentioned among the nation's best of the best both on and off the field. His name is Jelani Jenkins and he attends Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, Md.

JelaniWith a 3.9 GPA, natural leadership qualities and excellent athletic ability, Jenkins could be the nation's best all-around student-athlete of the 2009 football recruiting cycle. He is only 16 years old and is already 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds.

"He won't go to bed before he has his academics taken care of," said Good Counsel coach Bob Milloy. "He hasn't let all this attention go to his head, he hates being taken out of class for any reason. It's very unusual for a kid his age."

Jenkins will turn 17 years old at the end of March. According to Milloy, Jenkins was never held back "because he was always the brightest kid in the class."

Jenkins will choose between Penn State and Florida on Wednesday, National Signing Day. When Meyer said "top one percent of one percent," he was speaking about players like Jenkins. A commitment from this student-athlete could lay the groundwork for life after Tebow and linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Just my opinion, but Jenkins should be considered the most important recruit for the Gators since Tebow.



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That's a tough comparison, but I'd have to agree. If we can get Jenkins, the 2009 recruiting season is an absolute dynamite success. All this kid should need to hear is that he's in line to start his Sophomore year once Spikes graduates.

Noooooooooo!!! I hate the Gators, please Noooooooooooo Blog for them here in Miami...Only UM & FIU...No offense Mr. Goodman, but we hate the gators!!! This is a nightmare...


The feeling is mutual, John.

Except I don't hate the Canes, just Canes "fans."

Debose on the offensive side and Jenkins on the defensive side would definitely make this a huge class. I don't care what recruiting services say.

This is one if my favorite blogs.
And ditto on hating Cane fans. How many actually went to school there?

Thanks for the kind words, KB Gators.

watch out DEBOSE doesnt end up at FSU

Call the cops. That would be football burglary.


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