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Bogdanoff may decide next week about Sachs re-match

Ellyn Bogdanoff, a Fort Lauderdale Republican, says she will probably decide next week whether to seek a re-match with state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach.

Such a race would set up one of the most expensive and fierece legislative battles in the Broward/Palm Beach area.

The district has about an 8-point Democratic edge, but if Bogdanoff gets in the race she is banking on stronger Republican turnout during a non-presidential year.

“I am a risk taker,” she said in an interview Friday. “I’m not a kamikaze pilot. If there is a real opportunity to win the seat I will be in the race.”

Bogdanoff and Sachs were both in the Legislature when due to redistricting they ended up in the same district and squared off in 2012. Sachs won by about 6 percentage points. The majority of District 34 is in Palm Beach County.

Last year a Republican voter filed an ethics complaint accusing Sachs of leasing a Fort Lauderdale apartment from longtime friend, political consultant Judy Stern, to comply with residency requirements. The Commission however does not have jurisdiction over residency requirements in election laws. This past session state lawmakers unanimously passed a new rule that they say will require them to actually live in the districts they represent.


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Tom Reynolds

Is this really the best this area has to offer, these two? Well like the old saying, garbage in garbage out. Well at least the gambling interest will win, if that what the people in this area want. But if the good folks want better, they screwed !!!!!!!!


What will Sachs do with the new requirements? Her husband claims homestead exemption outside the district... that alone should disqualify her...

Harold Mononinslogin

Run Ellyn Run!!!!!!!!

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