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UM's strength program under new Golden rules

Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey has seen a lot of change at the University of Miami over the last 11 years. The Hurricanes have gone from being a national championship-caliber team under Butch Davis and Larry Coker to last season's 7-6 mess under Randy Shannon.

UM strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey So what has Swasey seen in the early stages from his new boss, Al Golden? A lot of what he saw when he first got back to UM in 2000.

"Right now, I would compare him to Butch -- just on discipline, structure and what he's demanding," Swasey said. "The thing I know coach is stressing, that he wants, is mentally tough guys. He wants to find out when guys are going to crack and when they aren't going to crack."

Golden has asked Swasey to implement some new rules in the team's off-season workouts programs. Among the new additions and changes:

> The addition of "The Fifth Quarter."

"It's something at the end of the workout to target intensity," Swasey said. "It starts at five minutes, but can last longer. The kids love it. It's exciting. It's a post workout. It's high intensity. It could be forearm plate raises. It can be core [training] stuff. We could be outside flipping tires, doing a hammer hit, pushing sled, pulling sleds, doing a lot of different stuff. It's something that will challenge them after they're fatigued and tired. You just did a full workout, but now we're challenging you at the end of the workout."

> The addition of "Creative Excellence." After workouts, Swasey said, players are required to work on individual position drills by themselves or with their teammates. It's a mandatory 20 minutes -- at the very least.

"The first week they were throwing up right and left," Swasey said. "I think it's a great addition. He wants guys working on their craft each day, even if they worked out early and are dead tired. He wants them working on their actual individual position drills. The thing I love he said about it was, 'Painter's paint, singers sing, you're a football player you have to work on that too.' You have to lift weights, but at the end of the day you have to be a better football player. You have to go and work on your art after the weight room."

> Also a new Golden rule according to Swasey: Breakfast is mandatory.

Before Golden, Swasey said, there was no monitoring of what players ate before coming to him. And some, he said, would skip breakfast. "They have to come check in or we check on them to make sure they ate," Swasey said. "The good thing about that is they are getting 1200 to 1500 calories prior to starting. Some kids wouldn't eat until lunch before."

> Swasey said he loves the fact Golden has pushed the start of spring practice back to March 5th. Under Shannon, the team would start spring practice in mid-February. Swasey said adding a few more weeks in the weight room "will definitely help guys get bigger and stronger."

> Another new addition Swasey likes -- what players do in the weight room will actually count toward where they start out on the depth chart in spring ball.

"He told guys `You can start, can come out of spring ball a starter depending on how you rank in the weight room, your work ethic," Swasey said. "We want tough guys, guys that will fight, guys doing everything they're supposed to do, which makes you a champion."

Swasey said he feels blessed to still be with the program. When Shannon was fired, he wasn't sure if Golden would keep him on the staff. Swasey and Micheal Barrow are the only remaining holdovers from Shannon's staff.

"I think when I got back from the bowl game [is when I found out I was going to stay]," Swasey said. "He told me to write down somethings so we can get ready for spring, some ideas. He gave me some pointers on what he wanted to target and focus on. When I heard that, I was overly excited about it.

"But the bottomline is that we were 7-6. It is what it is. Whatever happened, can't happen anymore. Whatever's going on, we have to get better. I look at everything as a whole. No matter how we got to those six losses, we came up with them. The approach coach Golden has -- and that's what I love about him -- is that whatever we did last year wasn't good enough. That's a great approach. Right now, that's the approach we're pushing and have in the weight room."

Swasey said the team, which began lifting four days a week with him (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) for an hour and a half a week ago, will not do any strength tests until a week or two before the start of spring ball. But Golden has already been handed stat sheets with players weights, strength and speed numbers -- and he's expecting improvements.

"Right now we don't have a choice but to be better than 7-6," Swasey said. "I do believe we will be. One [reason] is because of Coach Golden's plan of attack and how he's doing it. Just the cohesiveness he's building. Two, I think he has a hell of a staff. We just have to keep working. Time will tell. But we're definitely ready to be a much better football team. We have to be a lot better than 7-6."


> Defensive end Olsen Pierre became the second early enrollee Friday. He will start classes Monday. Pierre (6-4, 240) was a three-star recruiting according to ESPN out of Fork Union (Va.) Military Academy. 

> UM had its first baseball practice of the spring Friday. I'll have some more news and notes from coach Jim Morris and several of his players. The Canes are ranked 18th in two preseason polls and were picked to finish third in the ACC Coastal Division.


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How could we not be monitoring their diets before? Unbelievable ignorance. Having them work out and then do the position drill when they're exhausted is a fantastic idea for spring workouts. I can't believe it wasn't part of the drill before. And competing for a starting spot in the weight room is great too. Coach is watching everything...that's the message. I know everything and everything counts towards whether or not you play.

Work til you puke boys...you can smile after you win the BCS Championship.

That is what I am talking about....toughen them up. Very happy with the direction of this team, you have to earn being at The U. Way to go Coach Golden and staff, keep it up.

WOW your right it starts from the head and trickles down, RS just wasnt cutting it, and it showed on the field

People were blaming Swasey for the teams conditioning, but, as Golden said, he receives his marching orders from the head coach, and our last head coach didn't know squat about this. I suppose Swasey should have illuminated him a bit more, but Shannon probably just said "just have em lift weights..."

Great changes!

No breakfast? Wow! Little things like that add up to no gains in strength & weight. It showed. Glad to hear details.

Nothing but improvements coming from this new administration. Can't wait to see how they look on the field. Keep up the good work Canes!

Thanks Manny

wow, shannon wasn't even making sure his players were eating, I know these guys are adults, but seriously, come on man!!!!! I love everything thats going on, is all seems better than shannon, golden has his nose in everything and he's making sure that things are inprovement, shannon just said "they need to get better, it all starts with them" but shannon never did nothing for the guys for them to get better. the golden rule has begun, and life after shannon will be great!!!

I had the pleasure of knowing several players from 84,85, and 86 before I left to move to NC. I remember all the activity in the weight room and how the players knew that this is where it all started and ended at. This new coach will have ALL the players believing in the fact. "Hard work and a positive attitude will work wonders on and off the field. I believe that this bunch of kids will work wonders. Also I'm one of those that does not put a whole lot into the star rating a player. I have seen some 4-5 stars not be worth 10 cents and 2-3 star players play like diamonds in the ruff. I never cared where we placed in the recruiting top 25. What did matter was how we finished the year. Wining the Big East was great, The National Championships were the best, but I have always just wanted a bowl game win or loose. Obviously I want this team to be the best that they can be. Winners are what we all remember. Besides my NC tee shirt and sweat shirt from 2001 it getting a little thin. The others are in frames and hang on the study walls. Thanks

Looks like Jacory didn't eat breakfast for 3 yrs.

This is where it really counts! Champions are made during the off season. Good to hear that Coach G is paying attention to the little things. I too can't believe that these guys diet's were not being monitored. Its the failure to attend to the small details that leads to losing and not being able to close games.

Great news I'm excited about the direction it seems the program is going wow no breakfast come on so is that why j12 never really bulked up man that's sad I'm glad a change has come let's go canes it starts here and now. U already know.

I'm glad Coach Swasey was kept'd on. He's becoming an important part to our program's history. He is one of the best in the business, unfortunately something happened the last few years which didn't reflect that. Glad to hear the conditioning program is going so well.

Go Canes!!

On Gionni Paul's "Scout" profile, he says he wants to enroll early. Any chance he is enrolling now?

Wow, the more you hear about the past administration, the more disappointed you are in R.S. Seems like Randy just did not have a clue on how to run a program.

Golden seems to be the real deal. If he succeeds on the field the way I think he will I hope the administration pays up & keeps this guy here long term.

With his charisma, smarts, & drive, if he goes 10-3 & 12-1 and wins an ACC Championship & competes for a National Champ. we will probably loss him to Penn State or the NFL.

But, first things first. Lets hope we have to face that problem.

Still light years the strength and conditioning and nutrition program FSU has in place. Enjoy breakfast Canes.

So I assume you're employed by FSU and know what's going on there?

I live in Tallahassee and have met a few players..

I agree they've got good things going there but you can't discount what's going on behind closed doors in Coral Gables when you just don't know.

Try writing in complete sentences Mike.

Mike- Eating gator tail, possum, and barbeque cat got FS-who consecutive 7-6 yrs and 3 years in a row lost to Wake Forest. Are you tellin me That Jim-boob Fisher changed things around?

For true cane fans- Especially I know da U, who has always defened RS: This is un-() believeable. That goes with the rumors that he would dissappear for hours after 6 am practices and nobody would know where he went. Good luck with that UCLA.

Coker semi-destroyed the program, but he won 2 NCS (in my book).

Shannon has to be the worse head coach in the history of the NCAA. and the more stuff I hear the m ore convinced I am. UM lost precious $ by giving him that extension. That's on you, Kirby. They should take it out of your bonuses or out of your 401 k.


But now, the Golden age is here baby. Bring back the sand pit as well! Don't believ me ask Clinton Portis and McGahee!

Mike, is this part of FSU's conditioning program?

The NCAA determined that a former learning specialist, academic adviser and tutor gave "improper assistance" to Florida State athletes who were taking online courses. According to the NCAA, the former learning specialist typed portions of papers for at least three athletes and also provided answers to an online psychology course quiz by instructing another athlete to complete the quiz on behalf of the athlete enrolled in the course.

im movin back to miami soon,thats how excited i feel.were going the right direction finally.cant wait to the season begins.THE U.

Beef 'em up!

You know i noticed during the season it seemed as if the players hadnt been gotten any bigger over the years. Spence, J. Harris, all the safeties and others seem to have been the same size since they first got to UM. Glad to see coach Golden getting serious about the team getting bigger and stronger. Also I think this team is realizing they have to get tougher and they're taking on the challenge. Go Cane!!!

Like the fact he's monitoring their diets and every single detail. It sounds very familiar to what ESPN reported Jimbo Fisher was doing up here in Tallahassee. I just hope the results show on the field, because I'm getting tired of this new FSU dominance on the football field and now recruiting. This is a start.

shad- FS-whos dominance on the football field is one year and running: In case you just awoke from a deep coma,

2010- FSU womped Miami
2009- UM wins at FSU
2008- FSU wins by less than a TD
2007- UM wins

2-2the last 4 meetings. I wouldnt call that a dominance. I would call this a dominance:

[]_[] 5 ----- FS-who 2

Shad - FSU/Gator troll, the only dominance that is happening is that your hillbilly trailerpark surrounding FSU is eating more rabbits and possum. Your 1 year of dominance is a joke.

ive seen pierre listed at 6-4 240, 6-4 260 and 6-6 280 ...which is it?

Here is something I pulled from cane sport

Which new coaching staff has done the best in a short amount of time?

Barry Every: That's a tough one. I'll go with either Stanford, which gained Wayne Lyons on national TV despite no coach, and kept James Vaughters committed. The Cardinal battled to keep prospects after popular coach Jim Harbaugh went to the NFL. Al Golden of Miami inherited a recruiting class of fewer than five and still has a chance to steal some kids in Florida.

Mike Farrell: I think Miami. I know it might not show when it comes to results unless the Hurricanes have a strong finish, but Al Golden is a hustler and a great recruiter. He has brought on a few guys on his staff who can really recruit and a few of the three-star guys they landed down the stretch will surprise. Plus they secured Anthony Chickillo and have lured a ton of top kids to Miami to at least look. Watch out for Miami in 2012.

Adam Gorney: Miami and Colorado have done a commendable job but I think Brady Hoke and the Michigan staff deserve the most recognition here. The Wolverines have kept Blake Countess, Justice Hayes and others in the class, and have added some nice pieces in the last week or so, including Detroit athlete Raymon Taylor. Hiring Greg Mattison as defensive coordinator was key to fixing the defense. There might have been a little bit of concern when Michigan hired Hoke - not the biggest name in coaching circles - but he's done a fine job so far.

Chris Nee: I'll give the nod to Miami, mainly because it immediately dealt with an issue of ignoring kids in the Miami area. Since the new staff arrived, the 'Canes have locked up 10 commitments with six of them coming from the Sunshine State. Most of all, Miami has worked hard in Broward and Miami-Dade to get back into the schools.

Keith Niebuhr: Michigan. The Wolverines took a major hit on the recruiting front after Rich Rodriguez was fired, but now Michigan seems to really be gaining some momentum. The Wolverines added some solid recruits in recent days, notably defensive end Keith Heitzman and cornerback Raymon Taylor. All of a sudden, it looks like a strong push at the end is possible.

Brian Perroni: Florida has gained some traction with top recruits since hiring Will Muschamp but the Gators have only landed one commitment so far under his watch. Michigan has done a good job under Brady Hoke. The Wolverines have added six commits in the last week and firmed up the pledge of four-star cornerback Blake Countess. They still have a very good shot to add even more talent such as four-star linebacker Leilon Willingham.

That "NEW" FSU dominance? you mean 1 year? haha did FSU beat Miami or Florida on Bobby's last year? Think not my friend. So dominance maybe for a year but it's going to be hard to beat both school's year in, year out. I am canes fan but a realistic one, and I strong believe in Golden's statement when he says "think players first, then plays". It starts with coaching, look at VT,Oregon, and BSU low star players but they make them into athletes and smart players!! I mean it also helps to have a senior heavy team, Easy schedule but that what the special equation equals to make it to the NC these days.

Golden is putting on a show. Hopefully we won't see practices at 6am anymore. In old days it was held at 3pm when the sun was at it's hottest. Conditioning baby, that's what will get us No#6.

"The first week they were throwing up right and left,"

That's how poorly conditioned we were!?!?!

No more pan con lechon baby!

Really shocked about the players' diet last year. Golden is doing a great job. I'm with Georgia Cane....change those practices back to midday.

There's a reason Miami faded each year and now we know why. Old school rules!

I'm real impressed by Golden and the changes he's making...work hard guys!

cant believe that. I played d2 ball and they watched what we ate and monitored our offseason program. Good to see that the weightroom counts towards starting. Cant beat someone in the weightroom cant beat them on the field.

This just goes to show how bad of a head coach Shannon was. Golden knows what it takes to win and we will soon be back at the top where we belong.

(Like smokie from friday)That's my dawg, ayeee that's my dawg if you got anything to say bout al golden, that's my dawg!!!

Man comparing al goldens plan to w/e plan randy had, man it seems like randys plan was to intentionally F up the whole program lol. I still got love for randy tho. He is and forever will be, a hurricane!!! The []_ _[]

What a novel concept! Players having to actually earn their place, position and playing time on the team. Sounds like a real football program to me. Competition equals Champions. I like this new coach and staff already.

I remember football players having their own section of the cafeteria where non-student athletes were not allowed back in my day...I believe the NCAA has disallowed this practice.
Making it a bit of a headache for the student athletes considering students would ask them about wins/losses, poor play, etc....Makes me believe football players may be avoiding the caf. halls and opting for b.s. foods like all the A1A fast food joints...which they pay out of pocket, so it won't be the steaks, etc. that they were having circa 1999, 2000 etc....

In the end tho, Shannon should of been on top of these kids nutrition, it's paramount to training. If Shannon could have personnel standing over these kids media interviews, than he could of had personnel watching their diets.

Nice job Coach. (kind of a no-brainer tho.)

you all sound like you have something personally against shannon..maybe you do living in miami...smh. Tighten up you SO CALLED CANES FANS...Shannon gave us everything he could. he may have not been the best person for the job he was occupying but the amount of disrespect he is gettin from you color seeing fans is disgusting. Stop bashing the man you lames. He's been gone for a while now. If you feel so high about Coach Golden then talk about his positives only. Not What Shannon didn't do. These are grown a-s-s men. They eat when they want to you losers. I know as a college student i ate when the hell i wanted 2. "shannon didn't watch what they ate? unbelieveable." you serious? da hell was he going to do? force them to eat? wow...you guys disgust me as so called "canes' fans." I bet you think because coach said breakfast is mandotory everybodie's gonna eat breakfast now?? guess you're retarded and don't kno that everyone's school schedule doesn't work the same so it's possible that after class they can just go check in and say "hey coach, i ate"...then what's he gonna do then? Ask the doc to check?? no. so stop crabbing about Shannon and start worrying about winning you busters.

To say that Cocker won champinships is the overstatement of the century. The UM football team won championships after Davis left because of the recruits he made and the good coaching staff he left behind. Cocker and Shannon were a waste of time and money for UM. Who is to blame? I think that old, lazy piece of meat, who was the Athletic Director of UM and whose name I prefer not to remember was responsible for the demise of the UM football team. Neither Cocker nor Shannon were head coach material for any good football team, much less for the UM football program, but that idiot was too lazy to interview several candidates and too political to take a risk in making a decision that perhaps some would find unpopular at the time. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Dee.

Guys get over player stats, watch and listen to the Shriners and Senior bowls and the combines stats on players. You will see the schools both HS and college are big fibbers on stats for their players and I mean everyone.

Looks like Jacory didn't eat breakfast for 3 yrs.

Posted by: Cohiba813 | January 28, 2011 at 05:49 PM



I don't think knocking Coach Shannon is about color. At least I hope not. Some people seem to be disappointed and, like myself, had very high hopes for a true Hurricane. The guy's personality didn't exactly inspire warm fuzzies, which does not help. However, he gave it his best shot and we all learned what does not work. Done. Fini. Sometimes a flop precedes a new awakening for all parties.

Agree with you that we need to move on. Coach Shannon was a good D coach and had some success as a HC. He could not take UM further, and that is a fact. So what? Everyone doesn't do a good job when they move up the leadership ladder.

Now, UM has an exciting start with Coach Golden and staff. We will see what develops, but I think we are heading in the right direction on all fronts.

It is time to wish Coach Shannon well, see the past as what it was and move forward. First goal: play with the fire on every down! Go Canes!

I used to think Manny was a top notch researcher and I would blast shandel. Then a friend got me a canesport subscription and I realized there's alot of cut and paste going on here. I mean like article for article. I guess its useful when you don't have a canesport ID....but I take it back Shandel!!! I read this peace this morning, on canesport...lol.


yes future make it manitory ( no eat no play ) you cant build yourself physically if you dont have anything to build it on. color seeing has nothing to do with the poor on the field proformance, no spirit on the field that went on under shannons term as coach. It didnt matter if they were up by 20 or down by 40 shannon never seemed to care. If your coach doesnt seem to care then its hard to make a player care either.

If you are really a Cane fan...then give the Shannon and Coker slams a permanent rest.

It makes you look stupid and disparges the program you claim to love...why would you do that? Their tenure is over and we are in the Golden age.

I realize that most of that crap comes from the gator racist psychopath that posts here and on every UM blog using hundreds of aliases hoping to start a hate fest against the Canes.

Future, the only one seeing color is U. Stop trying to make an excuse for Shannon by using race. He sucked just like Coker did so it has nothing to do with race, its about performance.

I used to think Manny was a top notch researcher and I would blast shandel. Then a friend got me a canesport subscription and I realized there's alot of cut and paste going on here. I mean like article for article. I guess its useful when you don't have a canesport ID....but I take it back Shandel!!! I read this peace this morning, on canesport...lol.
Posted by: JayEl | January 29, 2011 at 12:48 AM

Got news for you. The Canesport reporter, Matt Shodell, and I were both there this morning to interview Andreu Swasey. in fact, we were the only reporters who requested to interview Swasey. We got the same information because we interviewed the same guy. Anytime any information on this blog doesn't come from me or Susan we give credit where credit is due. But this is all my reporting and writing.

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